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High-Security Registration Plates have now been mandated for registered motor vehicles across the country as per the new guidelines issued by the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is the overseeing authority to execute the rules. The West Bengal state government is also making provisions to implement the same. An online platform for HSRP West Bengal will also be launched soon to ease the process.


All those motorists who have not yet upgraded the number plates must get them replaced by HSRP at the earliest. To know more in detail about the West Bengal HSRP, follow the article below. We have included all the information on the HSRP and its benefits. You can also check the procedure for West Bengal HSRP Online Booking, Appointment Slot, Track WB HSRP number plate status and much more.

West Bengal HSRP Overview

Article West Bengal HSRP Online Booking
AuthorityMinistry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India
DepartmentDepartment of Transport, West Bengal
State West Bengal
ObjectiveEnhancing the safety and security on the roads across India
Mode of Registration Offline / Online (to be started soon)
Registration Status Active
Official Website TBA

What is HSRP?

HSRP stands for High-Security Registration Plate. It is an Aluminum based number plate consisting of different specifications, such as a chromium-based hologram, laser impressed unique Permanent Identification Number (PIN), pearlescent pigments based hot-stamped IND mark, tamper proof snap locks, etc. The plate is laminated with high-quality retro-reflective sheets to improve visibility during the night. The colour-coded stickers are also affixed to identify the fuel type of the vehicle.

Broadly, the HSRP has three components:-

(i) Front HSRP Number Plate
(ii) Rear HSRP Number Plate
(iii) Colour-Coded Stickers, known as TLP (Third Registration Plate or Sticker)

Objectives of HSRP

One of the main purposes behind the installation of the High-Security Registration Plate is to prevent the counterfeiting and theft of the vehicle. Some of the key objectives of HSRP are as follows:

  • Digitalization of data related to vehicles in a centralized database.
  • Augmentation in safety and security.
  • Easy to trace the owner and vehicle details in case of road related activities.
  • Prevention in vehicle theft and tampering of number plates.
  • Stop at illegal purchase and sale of the motor vehicles.

Benefits of High Security Registration Plate

  • With the fixation of HSRP on the vehicle, it is not possible to replace the number plate, making it easy for police to track the stolen vehicles.
  • The pattern for HSRP has been standardized all over the country.
  • The snap-on lock feature is very helpful. It is non-removable and hence cannot be replaced by any illegal or fake number plates.
  • Only authorized vendors can affix the HSRP. As of now, there are only 18 such authorized vendors across the nation.
  • The HSRP number plates are assigned only after verification of Vehicle registration number, chassis number, engine number, etc.
  • Furthermore, the provided details are updated in the central database for future references.
  • All the information related to the vehicle can be accessed through a central database, promoting digitalization across the country.
  • Easy to track and tackle road accidents and crimes.

Specialization of HSRP

The main purpose of the HSRP is to enhance safety and security. It incorporates many specializations that differentiate the HSRP from the normal number plate. Check below.

A. Chromium Based Hologram

For security purposes, the HSRP has a hologram affixed at the top left corner, precisely 20mm X 20 mm. The hologram contains an image of a blue-coloured Ashoka Chakra. It is secured at the position by hot stamping, making it high-temperature resistant. Thus, it becomes extremely difficult to remove or meddle with the hologram.

B. Laser engraved Alpha Numeric Code

A unique nine-digit alpha-numeric will be engraved on the bottom left of the High-Security Registration Plate. It is very a useful feature as this laser-engraved alpha-numeric code will be interlinked with the central database. It will be very easy for the Traffic Police to fetch the details of the owner of the vehicle using LID readers.

C. Retro Reflective Sheets

HSRP uses Retro Reflective Sheets to enhance the nighttime conspicuity for over a distance of 200 meters. The effective use of such high-grade RRS sheets will ensure visibility over a range of far-off 200 metres distance and hence, the safety of the drivers.

D. Snap Lock

Snap locks are used for bolting the number plate. Once installed, it cannot be detached from the vehicle or reused in its original configuration. The Motor Vehicles Act restricts the fastening of the snap locks to the rear part of the motor vehicle.

E. Security Inscriptive Hot Stamped Film

At the left of the HSRP number plate, there is an inscription of “IND” in blue colour. IND represents India, as it is the international code for the country. Also, the ink used has been extracted from the pearlescent pigments. The significance of such pigments is that a change in colour is observed when viewed from different angles. This peculiarity makes it difficult for the fake manufacturers to copy the exact same.

F. Third License Plate Sticker (TLP)

Enhancing the security, a TLP (Third License Plate or Sticker) is glued at the windshield of the vehicle. Details like Registration number, LID numbers, and registering authority are included in TLP. It is affixed at the top left corner of the windshield. If there is any replacement of HSRP, this sticker is also mandated to get replaced. Also, different colour schemes are classified to distinguish the type of vehicle.

Features of West Bengal HSRP Number Plate

This section covers the features of a West Bengal HSRP number plate. The number plate is laminated with a high-grade retro-reflective sheet and all the borders and characters are hot stamped, making it tamper-proof. Check other features of the West Bengal HSRP number plate below.

  1. Chromium-based Hologram
    A blue-coloured Ashoka Chakra is stamped on an HSRP. It is very difficult to remove it from the number plate. Also, it has reflective properties.
  2. IND Mark
    IND represents INDIA, depicting the standardization and identification of the country. IND is the international code for INDIA.
  3. Laser Code
    An alpha-numeric code of at least nine digits is engraved below the IND mark. The code is linked to the vehicle and all the details about the owner and vehicle can be accessed from the database.
  4. Initials of West Bengal, WB
    It indicates the state the vehicle has been registered.
  5. It symbolises the District of that particular state.
  6. A unique alpha-numeric combination code.

Size and Colour of the West Bengal HSRP

The colour scheme for registered vehicles has been standardized. The background colour of the HSRP number plate depends upon the purpose and type of the vehicle. It helps to distinguish and identify the vehicle.

Type of Vehicle HSRP Plate Background Colour
Transport White
Non-Transport Yellow
Electric Green

As per the guidelines issued by Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, the HSRP number plates can be in four different dimensions depending on the type of vehicle. The different sizes available are as follows:

Type of Vehicle HSRP Plate Size
2-wheeler and 3-wheeler vehicles 200 mm X 100 mm and 285 mm X 45 mm
Light Motor Vehicles 340 mm X 200 mm and 500 mm X 120 mm
HMV/ Commerical/ Trailer 340 mm X 200 mm

HSRP West Bengal Colour Coded Stickers

Apart from the front and rear HSRP number plates, it has also been mandated to paste a specific colour coded TLP on the windshield of the vehicle (excluding two-wheeler vehicles).

The purpose of affixing a colour-coded sticker or TLP is to identify the fuel type of that particular vehicle. Further, it helps recognize the Bharat Stage variant (BS III-IV and BS-VI). The following colour scheme has been adapted for the same.

Bharat Stage 

Fuel Type 

Petrol/ CNG Vehicles

Diesel Vehicles

Other Vehicles

BS III and IV 

Light Blue 




Light Blue with Green strip at the top

Orange with Green strip at the top 

Grey with Green strip at the top


Who needs to apply for West Bengal HSRP?

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, it is mandatory for every registered vehicle across the country to get an HSRP number plate. Registered vehicles after 1st April 2019 have already installed an HSRP. However, the vehicles registered before the mentioned date must get one as soon as possible to avoid hefty fines.

West Bengal HSRP is also compulsory across the state. The owners of the old vehicles must apply for the same at the earliest. The registration process is yet offline in the state. To apply, they must visit their registered RTO.

West Bengal HSRP Application Fee

In the state of West Bengal, you can upgrade your number plate to HSRP through any Government approved dealer or vendor. For West Bengal HSRP, Celex Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been appointed for the implementation. A small amount as a service charge must be paid to the authorized dealer. Below is the table that contains the details about the West Bengal HSRP charges.

Type of Service Amount (without GST)
Colour-coded StickerRs. 100
HSRP for Two-wheeler Rs. 300-400
HSRP for Four-wheeler and others Rs. 600-1100

West Bengal HSRP Book Online

In many states, like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, etc., the registration process has been made online. However, in the state of West Bengal, it is still offline. We will update you once an online platform is established for the same. Here, we have provided an expected online procedure for the online booking of West Bengal HSRP.

Step 1:- Firstly, you must visit the official website of West Bengal HSRP.

Step 2:- Provide all the details regarding your vehicle, such as
(i) Type of Vehicle (commercial or private)
(ii) Two-wheeler, Three-wheeler, CAR, SUV, Bus, etc.
(iii) Registration Number
(iv) Chassis number, Engine number

Step 3:- Enter the owner personal details, like name, mobile number, address, email ID, etc.

Step 4:An OTP will be forwarded to your mobile number. Verify the OTP.

Step 5: Pay the required registration fee.

Step 6:- Submit your HSRP West Bengal registration form.

West Bengal HSRP Appointment Slot

People of the state can book the appointment slot for HSRP West Bengal. This will facilitate the people for easy application and verification to get their designated HSRP number plates. The applicants need to visit their registered RTO for the same. The officials will guide you with all the proceedings. A nominal service charge must also be paid. A specific date will be assigned to move further in the process. You must carry all the required documents for the verification and get your number plate.

West Bengal HSRP will soon develop an online portal to digitalize the process. Once launched, the aspirants can book their appointment slot in an easy online manner. After filling the application form, you can schedule the time and date of your visit to the RTO as per your convenience.

Track your West Bengal HSRP Number plate order

You can also track your West Bengal HSRP number plate order through the official web portal. As of now, West Bengal does not have a online platform to conduct HSRP related processes. It will be launched soon. A expected procedure to track your number plate order has been discussed below.

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of West Bengal HSRP.
  2. On the homepage, you will find the icon of “Track HSRP Status”.
  3. Clicking on the icon will lead you another page.
  4. Enter the details required to log in.
  5. You can now check your HSRP number plate as displayed on the screen.

Support Helpdesk

For any queries and doubts related to West Bengal HSRP, you can contact the concerned authorities through:
Phone: 8929722201
Email: online@bookmyhsrp.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HSRP in vehicle registration?

HSRP is the new kind of number plate that enables the easy traceability of the vehicle in case of theft. It has non-removable snap locks, making it impossible to tamper.

Is HSRP mandatory for two wheeler vehicles?

Yes, as per the new rules of CMVR 1989, it is compulsory for the registered vehicles to replace their old ordinary number plates with the advanced HSRP.

How can I get my HSRP in West Bengal?

You must visit your registered Regional Transport Office for apply for a new HSRP. The state government has not yet developed the online portal for the same.

My HSRP has been damaged. How do I replace it?

You must carry your damaged HSRP to the RTO and apply a fresh application for the replacement purposes.

Do I need to pay any registration fee for HSRP?

Yes, the Government has fixed an amount to be borne by the applicants.
For Stickers- Rs. 100 + GST
For Two-wheeler- Rs. 300-400 + GST
Others- Rs. 600-1100 + GST

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