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According to the new rules and regulations of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, HSRP number plates are now obligatory for the registered motor vehicles across the country. HSRP or High-Security Registration Plates are improved and better motor-vehicle number plates than the ordinary ones. It has many special features that assure the enhanced security and safety on the road. Likewise, the installation of HSRP is also statutory for the registered motor vehicles in the state of Telangana.

If you own a motor vehicle and have not yet fastened the HSRP number plate, refer to the article below. Here, in this post, we have shared all the information and details regarding the Telangana HSRP along with its objectives, advantages, specializations, etc. All the motorists of the Telangana who wish to replace their number plate with HSRP can check the procedure on how to get one, online booking process, check application status, etc.

TS High-Security Registration Plate

Telangana HSRP Number Plate 2021

As mentioned earlier, the affixation of HSRP has been made mandatory by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The same is applicable to the state of Telangana as well. To ease the registration and application process in the state, the Government of Telangana has established an online portal The portal will allow the eligible motorists to book the required HSRP online. Further, it will help them to track the status of their HSRP digitally. The procedures for both activities have been discussed in detail in the subsequent sections. Before that, understand what is HSRP and why it is important?

Brief Description of Telangana HSRP

Article Telangana HSRP Online Booking
State Telangana
HSRPHigh-Security Registration Plate
Higher AuthorityMoRTH- Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
DepartmentTransport Department, Government of Telangana State
TS HSRP Registration ModeOffline/ Online (to be activated soon)
TS HSRP Registration StatusActive

What is an HSRP?

HSRP is an abbreviation for High-Security Registration Plate. It is basically an improved version of the ordinary number plate, enhancing security and safety on the road. An HSRP number plate is made up of aluminium metal and the edges are rounded to approximately an extent of 10 mm so as to avoid injuries and scratches. It assimilates many special features which distinguish it from the ordinary one, such as a tamper-proof hologram, effective use of retro-reflective sheets, a unique laser-etched PIN, hot-stamped film, non-detachable snap locks, etc.

Components of an High- Security Registration Plate

An HSRP has three components, which are:

iFront HSRP Number Plate
iiRear HSRP Number Plate
iiiTLP, or Coloured Stickers

Objectives of HSRP

Preventing the counterfeiting and stealing of the vehicles have been the prime objectives behind installing the HSRP number plate on a vehicle. Apart from this, we have enlisted some of the other significants objectives of implementing an High- Security Registration Plate on the vehicles.

  • Improved security and safety on roads
  • Easy to track the stolen vehicles.
  • Enhancement in vehicle ownership authenticity.
  • Digitalization of all the information regarding the vehicle under a single database.
  • Reduce the rates of illegal sale and purchase of vehicles in the grey market.

Benefits of HSRP

  • Implementing the HSRP will bring standardization and uniformity in the number plates of the vehicles.
  • Affixation of the HSRP number plates will reduce the rate of vehicle theft across the country.
  • There will also be a reduction in the manufacture of duplicate or fake number plates due to the unique features of an HSRP.
  • Maintainance of ownership authenticity.
  • Easy to track and curb down the road related crimes and accidents.
  • With the help of a unique alphanumeric code, PIN, the authorities can easily fetch the details of the vehicle and the owner using LID readers.
  • Reduction in the illegal business of the vehicles in the grey market.
  • Prevention of tax evasions and loss of state revenues.

Features of High Security Registration Plate

Chromium Hologram An Ashoka Chakra is embossed on the left corner of the HSRP number plate through the mechanism of hot stamping. Its specifications include its dimensions, i.e. 20 mm x 20 mm and its colour blue. The purpose of hot stamping is to enhnace its resistance towards high temperature. Hence, making it tamper- proof.
“IND” markRepresenting Indis, IND is the standard international code for the country. It is engraved through the process of hot stamping and blue in colour. Adding to its uniqueness, the ink used in imprinting the mark is extracted from the pearlescent pigments, which are known for their colour changing properties when observed from different angles.
Laser NumberA PIN (Permanent Identification Number) is engraved at the bottom left of the HSRP number plate using the laser technique. It consists of a nine-digit alphanumeric code, interlinked with the centralized database of the registered motor vehicles across the country. It allows the traffic police to fetch details of the concerning vehicles using LID Readers.
Snap Locks Affixed at the rear part of the vehicles, Snap locks are non-removable locks. Such locks have a special feature that once removed, they cannot be reused in their former arrangement. An HSRP has two snap locks on the rear number plate.
Retro Reflective SheetsEnhancing the night time conspicuity, an HSRP is laminated with a premium Retro Reflective Sheet. The visibility range is enhanced up to a distance of 200 m during night time with its efficient application. Thus, it provides more security for night drivers.
Hot Stamped Film All the numerical and letters on an HSRP number plate are hot stamped to strengthen its resistance against very high temperatures. This is for security purpose so as to protect it from meddlers.

Apart from these specifications, MoRTH has also mandated the affixing of TLP, Third License Plate or Sticker on the windscreen of the four wheeler motor vehicles. It denotes the fuel type of the concerned vehicle.

Telangana HSRP TLP, or Colour Coded Stickers

TLP, Third License Plate or Sticker are glued on the windscreen of the motor vehicles (except two-wheelers, such as scooter, motorbike). It follows a particular colour scheme to identify the fuel type and the BS variant of the concerned vehicle.Several vendors and dealers have been authorized by the government to supply and affix these colour coded stickers.


Size and Colour Scheme of HSRP in Telangana

MoRTH has approved four different sizes of the number plates for HSRP. Each size and colour denotes different feature of the vehicle. The size and colour criteria has been now uniformized.

White background depicts the transport vehicle, while the yellow and green background of the HSRP number plates showcases the non-transport and electric vehicles respectively.

Type of Vehicle HSRP Plate Size
HMVs/ Trailers – 340 mm X 200 mm
LMVs/ Cars– 340 mm X 200 mm
– 500 mm X 120 mm
Two/ Three-wheeler vehicles– 200 mm X 100 mm
– 285 mm X 45 mm

Who needs to apply for Telangana HSRP?

As per the amendments in CMVR ’89, all the registered motor vehicles must get the HSRP installed as soon as possible. All the registered vehicles purchased after 1st April 2019 are pre-fiited with the HSRP. As for the old vehicles, they must get it replaced soon before the government starts cahrging hefty fines for not attaching the same.

For the state of Telangana, all the registered vehicles before 1st April 2019 must apply for the HSRP. Eligible motorists can apply for the same in offline as well as online (soon) modes. In order to apply via offline mode, they must visit their registered Regional Transport Office, RTO.

Telangana HSRP Registration Fee

The Government of Telangana has fixed the following rates to provide HSRP and related services to the common public of the state.

Type of Services offered Charges (Tax included)
Set of HSRP for Two-wheeler Rs. 245/-
Set of HSRP for Three- wheeler with TLPRs. 282/-
Set of HSRP for LMVs/ Cars with TLPRs. 619/-
Set of HSRP for HMVs/ Tractors/ MMVs with TLPRs. 649/-
Third Registration/ License Plate Sticker Rs. 29/-
Set of Snap Locks Rs. 23/-
Rates for single number plate according to the plate size
(i) 285 mm x 45 mmRs. 107/-
(ii) 200mm x 100 mmRs. 115/-
(iii) 500 mm x 120 mmRs. 283/-
(iv) 340 mm x 200 mmRs. 299/-

How to apply for HSRP in Telanagana State?

As already mentioned, it is mandatory to have an HSRP installed on your motor vehicle. For the old vehicles owners, who have not yet replaced their number plate with HSRP must get it done at the earliest. We have shared the application procedures to get a Telangana HSRP through online as well as offline modes for your assistance. Check below.

Telangana HSRP – Book Online

The Government of Telangana has developed an online portal to ease and digitalize the activities related to Telangana HSRP. However, the online application for the same has not been initated yet. It is most likely to initiated soon. Here, we have discussed an expected application procedure to book your Telangana HSRP digitally.

Step I:- Firstly, visit the official website of Telangana HSRP.

Step II:- Enter all the details regarding your vehicle.

Step III:- After that, fill in your personal details.

Step IV:- An OTP verification step will occur. Enter the exact same OTP in the assigned space.

Step V:- Pay the requiste fee according to the service availed via online mode.

Step VI:- Lastly, click on the “Submit” button.

Telangana HSRP – Offline Procedure

Since the online application for Telangana HSRP has not been yet started. therefore, the applicants have to visit their Regional Transport Office to apply for the same. Get an Telangana HSRP application form, make the required payment and the officials will verify the details and initiate the proceedings. Once your HSRP gets approved, you can collect the same from the registered RTO itself.

How to check TS HSRP Application Status online?

TS HSRP allows the applicants to track the status of the HSRP they ordered online. To check the same, the applicants must follow the procedure descrined below.

Step I:- Go to the official website of TS HSRP.

Step II:- On the homepage, click on the “Click Your HSRP Status” button.


Step III:- Enter your vehicle registration number in the prsecribed format.


Step IV:- At last, click on the “Search” button. The application status of your HSRP application will be displayed on the screen.

How to File TS HSRP Complaints Online?

If the applicants have any issues or complaints against the Telangana HSRP Portal or the services offered, the TS HSRP portal has a feature to lodge their complaints online. Follow the following procedure to file your complaint online.

Step I:- First of all, visit the official website of TS HSRP.

Step II:- Click on the option of “Complaints” available on the homepage.


Step III:- The following page will open.


Step IV:- Select reason, i.e Issue in Affixation, complaint or Query. Fill in all the fields with the correct information, such as Name of the owner, vehicle registration number, engine no., chassis no., etc.

Step V:- Write your complaint in the space assigned against the field of Remarks.

Step VI:- Lastly, click on the “Submit” button.

TS HSRP Return and Cancellation Policy

It is very important to have a clear and accurate return and cancellation policy so as to protect the customers and the company from the loss. Telangana Return and Cancellation Policy states:-

a) Payment refunds are initiated only in case of damaged HSRP or wrong HSRP delivered.
b) After placing the order, it must be cancelled within 12 hours of the order, if you wish to cancel the placed order.
c) To refund/ cancel the order, the applicants need to call on any one of the following helpline numbers or email at
– 040-69999712
– 040-69999713
– 040-69999772
– 040-69999773

Telangana HSRP Support Helpdesk

In any case of queries or issues, you can contact the Telengana HSRP officials to resolve your issues. You can contact the concerned authorities in the following ways:-

a) Phone 9100026691
b) Email

Click here for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my HSRP in Telangana state?

To get your HSRP in the state of Telangana, you must visit the registered RTO. Submit an application form for the same. Once approved, you can collect your HSRP number plate from RTO itself.

Why getting an HSRP is important?

HSRP provides better security to the vehicle, as it helps tracking the vehicle and fetch owner details easily through its various unique features.

Is HSRP compulsary in Telangana state?

Yes. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has instructed each and every state of India to install an HSRP instead of an ordinary number plate on the motor vehicles.

Do I need to paste a TLP sticker on my scooter?

No, the TLP stickers are required only to be glued on the vehicles with windscreen, i.e. autos, cars, tractors, trailers, etc.

I have damaged my HSRP. How can I get it replaced?

For the replacement of the damaged HSRP, you must visit uour registered RTO. Fill an application form for a new HSRP and pay the requisite fee.

My vehicle has been registered on 20th April 2019. Do I need to apply for Telangana HSRP?

No, only the old vehicles registered after 1st April 2019 need to apply for the Telangana HSRP as the vehicles after the mentioned date are already pre-fitted with one.

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