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Tamil Nadu HSRP: Hope you all came across the news that HSRP is now mandatory for old vehicles too. So the vehicles which are registered before April 2019 are required to affix with HSRP. But if you are among those who still void of HSRP then you need to know about it otherwise on not following the norms you have to pay a fine for it. So through this article, you will get complete info about the Tamil Nadu HSRP and where you can register it.


Tamil Nadu HSRP: Overview

Article AboutHSRP booking
StateTamil Nadu
AuthorityMORTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways)
Online RegistrationNA
Offline Registration Available
Official Portalhttps://morth.nic.in/

Is HSRP Mandatory in Tamil Nadu?

Earlier, on adhering to the Supreme Court of India orders MORTH (Ministry of road transport and Highways) has mandated the MV act and passes the order that all the vehicles which have been bought or registered earlier in April 2019 are required to be affixed with HSRP (High-Security Registration Plate). Due to this, all state’s motorized vehicles are to be affixed with HSRP whereas a vehicle with a windscreen is needed to be affixed with a colour-coded sticker too.

HSRP can be booked either online (if such service available to your state) or offline by visiting your vehicle manufacturer dealership.

If you owned an old vehicle and wanted to know how to book HSRP in Tamil Nadu and other important aspects of HSRP then must go through this article till the end.

What is HSRP?

Before we move forward you must be understood that what HSRP is? And why is it so important? The term HSRP denotes for High-Security Registration Plate. It mainly comprises 3 components such as the front and rear number plate and the third registration plate which is a colour sticker to be affixed to the windscreen of a vehicle.

Why Govt. is Required to Implement Such Rule?

  1. Prior to the absence of standardization people personalized their plate in an undesirable manner and…
  1. Such plates can easily tamper and be replaced by criminals which increases theft and road crimes. But after the implementation of HSRP, such things are not possible.
  1. Earlier, the fancy plates used by the people are so deceptive because it creates lots of inconvenience during the identification in road crimes but in the HSRP case, police can easily identify the owner and number can be read easily upto 200 meters all thanks to its retro reflective sheet.
  1. In the existing system, the complete details of the owner kept manually in respective RTO and it was so difficult to pull out records in urgent cases but HSRP plate comes with a unique PIN that holds all the details and with the help of LIRR records can be pulled out within a seconds.
  1. Earlier, plates are to be fitted by the roadside vendors but after standardization of law, such HSRP can be fitted only by the authorized vendors or vehicle manufacturer who abide by the rule mandated.

Key features of TN HSRP

The plate is made of aluminium material which was wrapped around with a reflective sheet having IND inbuilt in it and such sheet enhances the number plate visibility during night up to 200 meters.

Also, it possesses a unique chromium-based “Chakra” hologram to confirm its authenticity. There is a ten-digit PIN which was preceded by two alphabets. For affixation, a unique non-removable snap lock has been used.


Benefit of Tamil Nadu HSRP

Your HSRP is feature-loaded and it comes with the following benefits: –

  • A single format of number plate will be implemented throughout the nation.
  • It may help NIC to keep the owner data in digital format.
  • It may reduce theft and vehicle-borne crime cases.
  • With the help of a laser identification recognition reader, your details can be pulled out in a fraction of seconds.
  • Illegal registration plates market will vanish

HSRP Size and Colour Scheme

HSRP comes with a different colour scheme and size and each colour scheme tells about the class of vehicle. Check such details in the table given below: –

Colour schemeVehicle classSize of the plateImage
WhiteFor Non-Transport vehicleFront: 285×45 mm
Rear: 200×100 mm
YellowFor Transport vehicleFront: 285×45 mm
Rear: 200×100 mm
GreenFor electric VehicleFront: 500×120 mm
Rear: 200×100 mm

What is HSRP 3rd registration plate or colour coded sticker?

The third registration plate is commonly known as a colour coded sticker which is for vehicles that have a windscreen. Such sticker is to be affixed at the extreme left of windscreen from inside. It may help to know about the fuel type and BS variant of your vehicle. So before ordering Tamil Nadu HSRP colour coded sticker do check its details first which are given below: –

BS VariantFuel typeColour codeImage
BS III and BS-IVPetrol and CNG vehicleLight Blue hsrp-colour-coded-sticker
BS III and BS-IVDiesel vehicleOrange hsrp-colour-coded-sticker
BS III and BS-IVOther vehiclesGrey hsrp-colour-coded-sticker
BS-VI VehiclePetrol and CNGLight Blue with a green stripe at the top hsrp-colour-coded-sticker
BS-VI VehicleDiesel vehicleOrange with a green stripe at the top hsrp-colour-coded-sticker
BS-VI VehicleOther vehiclesGrey with a green stripe at the top hsrp-colour-coded-sticker

How to order Tamil Nadu HSRP Number Plate?

Since last reported no online facility has been started by the authorities regarding Tamil Nadu HSRP so as of now people need to follow the offline process but once the online process commences then it process could be as we mentioned below: –

  • Open the official portal first
  • Now tap on the Book MY HSRP link available in Home Screen
  • After this, submit your personal and vehicle details and proceed
  • On completion of authentication, you need to fill the HSRP Registration form in which the following details are required to be submitted.
  • Select the dealership or home delivery for the fitment of HSRP
  • Now submit appointment dates and time as per your convenience
  • After doing such a process it’s time to make the HSRP payment which can be pay digitally via various available options.

How the TN HSRP Fitment Process Carried Out?

The HSRP fitment process was done in following manner: –

  • First Applicant need to register in the portal by providing their details
  • After this, they need to submit their vehicle details in the registration form.
  • Now, they need to choose the fitment option whether at dealership or at doorstep.
  • Later on, you need to book your slot but before that your details will be authenticated.
  • Next, you need to pay the registration fee as per the class of vehicle.
  • On successful registration, you will receive a confirmation message that your HSRP has been booked.

Tamil Nadu HSRP Fitment at Dealership

Step 1: After this, once the HSRP received at the dealership then you will be notified via text on your registered mobile number.


Step 2: Along with portal, you will also be notified from dealership end regarding the HSRP affixation date and time.


Step 3: And once the HSRP fitment was done successfully then again you will receive a message that your HSRO fitment was completed successfully.


Tamil Nadu HSRP Fitment at owner Premises

Step 1: If you opt for the fitment at your doorstep then the fitment person will visit on scheduled date and time at your premises


Step 2: Affixation of HSRP will be done as per the schedule


Step 3: Once the process completed fitment person will confirm the process along with the HSRP fitment photograph.


Step 4: After the process, an OTP will be sent to the owner’s mobile number which was required to be submitted by the fitment person to complete the process.


How to Check Tamil Nadu HSRP Status?

After submitting the Tamil Nadu HSRP application form you can check its status online (once portal available) and for that, you need to provide your TN HSRP order details or track order number as provided by the portal during registration.

  • And on doing so the Tamil Nadu HSRP status will appear on your screen.
  • Also, once the HSRP reached your dealership then you will be notified via SMS or Email.

How to rescheduled Tamil Nadu HSRP appointment?

Just like other states, we could expect that TN government will also provide a feature in which you can reschedule your HSRP Appointment. If they do so, then it can be Tamil Nadu HSRP can be rescheduled by following the steps given below: –

  • To reschedule TN HSRP appointment visit the official portal first.
  • Tap on the reschedule appointment link
  • Before proceeding your details will be authenticated and for that you need to submit registration details followed by OTP received on your mobile number.
  • Upon completion of authentication, the appointment window will available to you now in this you need to select the date and time from the available option.
  • On submitting, the portal shows you the new and old date and time.
  • Press the submit tab for changes you have made.

Documents required fort Tamil Nadu HSRP

When you heading for the affixation of HSRP then you must note that you must carry some documents which are required:

  • First if the HSRP payment receipt and
  • Second is the Vehicle Registration certificate

Tamil Nadu HSRP Registration fee

Your TN HSRP registration will not be completed until you pay its registration fee. The registration charges are different as per the vehicle you own and the details for the same is given below: –

Vehicle ClassPrice (Completer HSRP Set)
2 wheelerRs. 140/-
3 wheeler (passenger & goods)Rs. 180/-
Light motor vehicle/ passenger CarsRs. 400/-
TractorRs. 140
Medium or Heavy Transport Commercial VehicleRs. 420/-

Note: The cost of third license plate i.e. colour sticker is Rs. 40/-

Tamil Nadu HSRP Charges for damaged plate

In case your vehicle already affixed with HSRP but one of the plates is damaged then you can order the same individual and the price list for the same is given below: –

Vehicle Class

Plate type


2 wheeler (Motor Cycle)

Front plate

Rs. 60/-

Rear plate

Rs. 110/-

Both Plate

Rs. 170/-

2 wheeler (Scooter)

Front plate

Rs. 70/-

Rear plate

Rs. 110/-

Both Plate

Rs. 180/-

3 wheeler (passenger & goods)

Front plate

Rs. 110/-

Rear plate

Rs. 150/-

Both Plate

Rs. 220/-

Light motor vehicle/ passenger Cars

Front plate

Rs. 230/-

Rear plate

Rs. 270

Both Plate

Rs. 480/-


Front plate

Rs. 60/-

Rear plate

Rs. 110/-

Both Plate

Rs. 170/-

Medium or Heavy Transport Commercial Vehicle

Front plate

Rs. 250/-

Rear plate

Rs. 290/-

Both Plate

Rs. 500/-

Note: The prices mentioned are subject to change so do verify the same before you may proceed.

TN HSRP Contact Details

If have any query or issue related to HSRP then you may contact the SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Authority) @ hsrpquery@siam.in or also call at 011- 47103010

You can also connect with the RTO Tamil Nadu whose details will be find on link given below.

TN RTO Contact Details


Is HSRP mandatory for all TN too?

Yes, as per the provision made in the MV 50 act HSRP affixation is mandatory for all states.

How can I Apply for HSRP in Tamil Nadu?

As of now, the online facility is not provided by the state but it was expected to be available soon till then you may contact your dealership or RTO.

What is this 3rd registration plate?

The third registration plate are meant for vehicle which have windscreen and such sticker comes with different colour scheme.

How to identify 3rd registration plate colour for my vehicle?

Colour coded sticker can be easily identified with the help of your vehicle fuel type and its BS variant. BS III & IV vehicle which runs on Petrol/CNG, Diesel, and Other their colour scheme is to be light blue, orange and grey respectively. While the vehicle which re of BS VI variant follow same colour scheme but it may have an green stipe in top.

Is their any details mentioned in Colour coded sticker?

Yes, the third registration plate sticker holds details namely Registering authority name, Vehicle RC number, Vehicle first registration date, and PIN.

Can I place the order for color coded sticker separately?

Yes, if your vehicle affixed with HSRP Plate then you can order only third registration plate sticker.

Do the owner of the vehicle need to be present at the time of HSRP affixation?

No, it’s not mandatory and any individual can be authorized but in ideal condition, the owner of the vehicle is required to be present.

What are the charges of HSRP and its installation?

It depends on the class of vehicle you own for more details you may contact your dealership.

During HSRP installation do I need to bring any documents?

Yes, along with the vehicle you are required to come with your Registration payment receipt and Vehicle registration certificate.

Is HSRP affixed at dealer premises only?

As of now the only available option for TN people is to visit the dealership for the fitment of HSRP but once the online portal is active then we may expect that such services will be available at your doorstep.

Is it possible to collect the HSRP from dealership and affixed it at my residence or at local vendor?

No, the HSRP can be affixed by the authorized dealer only.

Due to an accident my rear HSRP has been damaged can I order it individually?

Yes, you can order rear/front HSRP individually.

Is HSRP comes with any warranty period?

Yes, HSRP bears a 5-year warranty but it is for reflective sheet only excluding following conditions such as accidental damages, washed with chemicals, mishandled during the fitment, and additional drills have been made.

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