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The HSRP is mandatory for all the states of India, the rule has been announced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). The government of Rajasthan will be implementing the same rule for the people of Rajasthan who acquire vehicles. And soon the government released the HSRP online portal to make the procedure easy. This rule is for those people who purchased the vehicle in 2019 or before that, it is mandatory for those people who want to apply for the Rajasthan HSRP number plate.

The people who didn’t apply for the Rajasthan HSRP Number plate can get the details about the HSRP and its benefit, along with that you can also get the information about the appointment booking details of HSRP, how to check the application status and many more things related to the HSRP.


Rajasthan HSRP Number Plate 2021

The government of Rajasthan released both offline mode and the online site for the HSRP, so it will be comfortable for the people to take appointments and apply online for the plate. But for the offline procedure the candidate can visit the RTO centre. HSRP is being operated by Department of the Transportation, Rajasthan, which comes under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India. The government, main motto to come with the rule of HSRP, is to reduce or control the crime rate in India, which increases the safety and security of the people on the Roads.

Category of ArticleRajasthan HSRP Online Booking
Department MORTH
State DepartmentTransportation Department, Rajasthan
Main Goalto increase the protection and safety all over India, and to keep in control over the crimes.
RegistrationActive (Offline mode)
Online Portalto be released soon
Rajasthan Online Transport Portalhttp://transport.rajasthan.gov.in

About Rajasthan HSRP

HSRP stands for High-Security Registration Plate, which consists of the chromium-based hologram, an image of an Ashok chakra, an impression of IND, a permanent Identification Number which impressed with the help of Laser, tamper proof snap locks, etc. these all are present in the HSRP which make it effective to use. It mainly consists of three sections:- Number plate which is at the front, the rear number plate, and a color code sticker also known as TLP or Third Registration Plate or Sticker, which denotes the type of vehicle.

HSRP is applicable for all types of vehicles whether it’s two-wheel type, or four-wheel type, or more than that, and all these plates are guarded with the retro-reflective sheet, which helps to increase the visibility around 200 meters. The rule of HSRP is mandated by the Motor Vehicle Act and Central Motor Vehicle Act, in 1988 and 1989 respectively.

Objectives of HSRP

The main purpose of the government, to make the HSRP compulsory, is to reduce the crime rate, and increase the safety of the people. Through HSRP, the theft of the vehicles also decreases, and here are some of the major objectives , which as follows:-

  • It ensures the safety and security of the people as well as the vehicle.
  • Reduces the illegal buying and selling of vehicles.
  • Through the HSRP the tracking of the owner will be easy.
  • Digitalization of all the data, related to your vehicles.
Rajasthan HSRP Number Plate (2)

Advantage of Rajasthan HSRP

  • HSRP created uniformity in all over India.
  • The HSRP number plate stops the illegal purchasing of vehicles.
  • Road accidents will be reduced.
  • The crime on the road will also be decreased.
  • The tracking of the proprietor of the vehicle will be easy now.
  • People have to obey the traffic rules, because of the fear of e-challan, which directly comes in their registered number and address.
  • The details of all the vehicles are in the digitalized format, done by the NIC (National Informatics Centre).
  • Help to ensure the safety of the people.

Rajasthan HSRP Details

There are some specification of HSRP, which incorporated in the plate to ensure the safety and the security of the people, the features are as follows:-

Retro Reflective Sheets

These color sheets enhances the visibility of the vehicle number plate, up to 200 meters, and it useful for the safety of the people, for road accidents.

Security Inscriptive Hot Stamped Film

The inscription of IND, which is in blue color represents India, and the ink which is used to inscriptive is taken from pearlescent pigments. The pigments show the change in color which rotate into the different direction, so it is difficult to copy exactly the same one.

Laser Engraved Alpha Numeric Code

In High-Security Registration Plate, the nine-digit alphanumeric is engraved which is different for all the vehicles, and these alphanumeric is interlinked with the database of the central records. however, now it is easy to track the people who broke the traffic rules.

Snap Lock

The major advantage of the Snaplock, as it is used to bolting the number plate. Once the installation of the plate is done it is not easy to detach or change with another one. Although it is not easy for thieves to steal the vehicle.

Chromium Based Hologram

Chromium Based Hologram, is placed at the top of the left corner, whose size is about 20mm X 20 mm. It contains Ashok Chakra which is blue in color, and this stamp is secured by the hot stamping method, which is highly resistant to temperature. Therefore, the removable is difficult, because it is engraved into the plate.

Third License Plate Sticker (TLP)

The TLP consists of the details of the registration number and the authorization number, LID number, and it is appended to the windshield at the top left corner. The sticker is attached along with the HSRP number plate, in any case, there is a removal or damage of HSRP, in such situations you have to remove the color sticker as well.

Features of Rajasthan HSRP

  • IND mark:- which represents the INDIA, IND is the international code, which denotes the country, and also generates the standard.
  • HSRP consists of a unique alpha numeric code, which is different for each vehicle.
  • Rajasthan (RJ) initials on Number Plate:- The initials are different for each state, it represents the link of the vehicle from which state it belongs to.
  • A laser code is engraved, which is registered in the name of the owner of the vehicle.
  • The number plate also denotes the district, of the particular state.

Size and color of HSRP

The size of the HSRP number plate is different for different sizes of the vehicle is as per the guidelines, the details of the vehicle size which consist of four different types of dimensions, plate, is mentioned below, as per the government notification:-

Rajasthan HSRP Number Plate (3)
VehiclePlate Size of HSRP
Trailer/HMV/Commerical340 mm X 200 mm
Motor Vehicles (Light)340 mm X 200 mm and 500 mm X 120 mm
2-wheeler and 3-wheeler vehicles 200 mm X 100 mm and 285 mm X 45 mm

The background of the number plate is different as the type of the vehicle, the color of the plates indicates is the vehicle is an electric, non-transportable, or transportable vehicle. You will get the information of the color in the given below table:

Vehicle TypeBackground Colour of HSRP Number Plate

HSRP Rajasthan Color Coded Stickers

As the government of India mandates the color-coding sticker all over India from 2nd October 2020. Color code stickers are used in the HSRP because it denotes the Fuel type of the vehicle, but the color code sticker is not for the two-wheeled vehicles. The type of color represent by the BS means Bharat Stages, there are three-stage BS-III, BS-IV, BS-VI, which denotes the Bharat Stages of Emission standard (BESE). According to the color pattern the details of the HSRP number plate is mentioned below:-


  • It is for all other types of vehicles whose background color is grey in color.
  • The BS III and IV are also used for petrol and CNG-based vehicles, which is in light blue in a background color.
  • It also consists of Diesel Type vehicles which are orange in a background color.
Rajasthan HSRP Number Plate (1)


  • It consists of petrol and CNG-based vehicle, which has a blue color background with a Green color strip on the plate.
  • The other types of vehicles acquire a grey color background with Green color strips.
  • Diesel Type vehicle has an orange background with green color strips.

Why Apply for Rajasthan HSRP?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highway makes HSRP mandatory all over India, so the people who brought vehicles before 2019, have to go for the HSRP registration process, as per the government rule, which has to obey by all the State’s People. If anybody caught without HSRP, then he or she has to pay challan for that, which might be quite a heavy amount.

The government of Rajasthan also make it mandatory for all the vehicle, so it is advisable for all the people that they should apply for HSRP as soon as possible, and it will be beneficial for their safety and security. People have to go to the RTO office for the registration of the HSRP as if now, till the online website has not come into the role.

Rajasthan HSRP Application Fees

The application fees of HSRP in any Government-authorized center or by any vendor, are the same, which includes the GST. The details of the Charges are given below, so can check as per the category of the vehicle:-

Services ChargesChargeable Price (without GST)Chargeable price with GST
Charges of color-coded Sticker100 INRmore than 120 INR
Charges for HSRP (Two-wheeler)b/w 300 to 400 INRmore than 600 INR
Charges for HSRP (Four-wheeler and others)b/w 600-1100 INRnot available

Charges for Damage Rajasthan HSRP number plate

Vehicle TypeDamage Type and its Price
Medium Transport Commercial Vehicles /
Heavy Transport Commercial Vehicles
& Trailer Combination
Damage Rear Plate, Damage Front Plate, Damage Both Plate are between 250- 500 INR
3 Wheeler (Passenger & Goods)
& Invalid Carriages
Damage Rear Plate, Damage Front Plate, Damage Both Plate are between 110- 220 INR
Light Motor Vehicles / Passenger CarsDamage Rear Plate, Damage Front Plate, Damage Both Plate) are between 230- 480 INR
Two- Wheeler vehicleDamage Rear Plate, Damage Front Plate, Damage Both Plate) are between 120- 170 INR
TractorDamage Rear Plate, Damage Front Plate, Damage Both Plate) are between 140- 180 INR

Rajasthan HSRP Book Online

The process of online booking is not available in Rajasthan, but soon the Government of Rajasthan will launch the HSRP online booking portal. Once the portal launched we will update you through our article. But here we are providing the details of an online portal, which is expected, and verified from the other state portals:-

  • Go through the official portal of the Rajasthan HSRP.
  • In the given form, you have to mention all the details regarding your vehicle like:- the details of the type of vehicle whether it’s commercial or private, registration No., engine No., Chasis No., etc.
  • Enter all the details of the owner, which is required in the form like name, phone No., Email Id, etc.
  • On the registered No. the applicant will get the OTP, verified it by entering the required place.
  • Do payment as per the category of the vehicle.
  • from this process, the application form has been submitted to the Rajasthan portal.

Book An Appointment For Rajasthan HSRP

For booking an appointment the applicant must visit the RTO office, and on the same day, you can fill the application form and submit it there only, then after taking the appointment for the next process. The applicant must carry all the necessary documents as per the guideline, the documents which are related to the personal verification certificate, vehicle-related documents. After the submission of the documents, the process will proceed further.

After the launch of the official site, the candidate can proceed with all this process from the online portal, which also their time and money. Till then you have to wait for further notification of the online site.

Track the application Status of Rajasthan HSRP

The tracking of the application status is being done by the online portal of the Rajasthan HSP portal, which will be released soon. The process of tracking the application status is expected, so it may be or may not be changed.

  • Applicant must visit the Rajasthan HSRP portal.
  • The option of Know Your Application Status, will be mention on the homepage, click on it.
  • A new page will be open, enter all the details, with registration No.
  • After click on the search option, the status of the application will be displayed on your screen.

Rajasthan HSRP Helpline Number

For any query, you can contact to the Rajasthan HSRP concerned authority or you can comment below the comment to get the information.

Rajasthan HSRP: Important Links

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Rajasthan, Department of TransportClick Here
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HSRP mandatory for all the vehicle?

Yes, as per the announcement of the MORTH, the HSRP number plate is essential for all old vehicles.

Is HSRP only mandatory for 4 wheeler or above vehicles?

No, it is mandatory for all type of vehicles in all over India.

Is that possible to change the HSRP number plate?

Yes, for that you have to apply for the new HSRP plate in the RTO, and also submit the reason behind changing the number plate, if it is valid reason then only you can apply for the new one.

The online booking portal of HSRP is same for each state?

No, every state has its own online portal for HSRP, and according to it they give the appointment and doing other processes related to HSRP.

Is I have to apply for HSRP for new vehicle as well?

No, because all the new vehicle already have that one, this rule only for those who purchase vehicle before 2019, they have to apply for HSR plate.

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