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High-Security Registration Plates have been obligatory for older vehicles in some states. HSRP is a standard plate stating the vehicle registration and is applicable throughout India. The government of India has opened again the registration process for the high security registration plates.

So, if you own a vehicle that has been purchased earlier than 2019. Then read this article till the end to get major takeaways about the Number plate. Through this post, we will discuss everything about the online booking for the HSRP number plate, slot booking, status and tracking of High-Security Registration Plate. This process will be discussed for the state of Maharasthra for 4-wheelers2-wheelers, LMV, tractors, etc.



Article HSRP Number plate booking
DepartmentMinistry of Road Transport & Highways
Registration StatusActive
Registration modeOffline/ Online
Registration FeeINR 300 to INR 1100
Home deliveryNot Available for Maharashtra state

What is HSRP Plate?

These are basically high-security number plates with a chromium-based hologram fixed through hot stamping. It is usually fixed on the top left corner of your number plate. The hologram consists of an image of Ashoka chakra. It also consists of a lasered alphanumeric code and IND impressed above it which includes all the information about your vehicle. It also contains a colour-coded fuel sticker and is transferable, i.e., it can be changed from one state to another as it is linked to the central vehicle database. Also, these stickers cannot be duplicated in any case.

The HSRP Plate installed in your vehicle will contain three components:

  • A Number Plate at front
  • A Rear Number Plate
  • Third Registration plate (which is a colour-coded sticker for windscreen vehicles)

HSRP plates are made accordingly with the type of vehicles. For example- plates will be of yellow colour for transport vehicles and white colour for all non-transport vehicles. These plates are secured by a retro-reflective sheet. So, they are visible even from a far-off range of even 200 meters. These are fixed at the back and front of any vehicle and are now made mandatory for all types of vehicle as per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.

Getting an HSRP was voluntary for any vehicle until now and could be pasted according to the willingness of the vehicle owner. But now as it is necessary for older vehicles, the vehicle owners can get these fixed in his/ her car or any other vehicle they own. People aspiring to get one for their vehicle can do so through a standard process set up by the authorities of the state

Objective of High Security Registration Plate

  • Generating and Creating the data of vehicles on a national basis.
  • It will enable the tracking of vehicles thus ensuring the authenticity of ownership.
  • It will prevent theft and tempered number plates.
  • To prohibit all the illegal methods through which plating is done as it is regulated directly by the Government of India.

The policy to start the registration of plates started in 2001. This decision was taken by the then minister of Road Transport & National Highways of India (MoRTH).

Features of High Security Number Plate

  • The colour-coded stickers are mandatory for windscreen vehicles as per the guidelines issued by the respective transport department under the States and Union Territories.
  • As per the Motor Vehicle Act, the traffic executives can impose a penalty varying from INR 1,000 to INR 10,000 for any vehicle for not having HSRP and colour-coded stickers on their vehicle.
  • This regulation by the authorities applies to all commercial and non-commercial vehicles.
  • This law applies to all the vehicle registered before 1st April 2019.
  • The HSRP rule has been made obligatory since 2018 in many states.
  • It includes all the essential details like vehicle number and chassis number.
  • This system of registration is a globally recommended process.

High Security Registration Plate: Colour-coded stickers

These are basically the fuel stickers with a colour code. These stickers have been made compulsory and can be affixed on your vehicles. For this purpose, the government have approved dealers which have been authorised to fix these. These dealers have a tie-up with the vendors available in a different state. You can install these stickers online by booking a slot for yourself through an authorized dealer.

All the registered HSRP vehicle owners also require a fuel sticker with a colour code. Without a proper colour code, provision has been laid down for imposing fines. These colour coded stickers basically classify the vehicles according to the type of fuel it consumes. It also classifies the vehicle according to the Bharat Stage (BS) norms.

Bharat StageBS III-IVBS-VI
Fuel TypePetrol
Sticker ColourLight BlueLight Blue
Fuel TypeDieselDiesel
Sticker ColourOrangeOrange
Fuel TypeOthersOthers
Sticker ColourGreyGrey

There are also websites specifically made to install the HSRP and Colour-coded stickers for vehicles. You can book it online through, or but the process is now available for only a few states, the rest all the states are doing this process of affixation through the Offline mode. So, you can get your sticker through any of your state portal websites.

Who has to apply for Maharashtra HSRP?

The Maharashtra HSRP (High-security registration plate) is for all the vehicles which have been registered earlier than 1st April 2019. All the vehicles registered after that, are already equipped with a High-security registration plate so they do not need to get one.

The registration has now been made compulsory for states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh. For all such states, the online registration process has been specified. Also, now the government is offering the home delivery of these number plates.

Maharashtra HSRP application fee

Upgradation of Maharashtra HSRP plates can be done through any of the authorized dealers/ vendors specified by the government. There are charges fixed for the up-gradation of vehicles. These charges have been fixed according to the type of vehicle anyone owns. Also, the charges mentioned below are the charges excluding the tax amount.

Service TypeCharges (excluding tax)Charges (including tax)
Sticker ChargesINR 100above INR 120
Charges for two-wheelerINR 300-400above INR 600
Charges for a four-wheeler and other vehiclesINR 600-1100NA

Order Maharashtra HSRP Number plate

As per the recent updates, the authority has also specified the home delivery of Maharashtra HSRP number plates. Although the enforcement of these number plates is dependent upon the states, there are only a few states who have started this facility. The charges of home delivery of both the sticker and HSRP are about INR 100 to INR 300 which may also vary according to the type of vehicle anyone owns.

The charges of the delivery will be added to the gross cost. The cost will be added at the ti,e of booking the number plate. Only the states like U.P and Delhi have this service of Home Delivery. The state of Maharashtra has not yet specified any provision for the home delivery of the plates and also the process is offline.

Replacing Maharashtra HSRP Number Plate

Many times, there can be cases when the number plate can get damages, is looted or is lost. In any such cases, the vehicle owner can replace his/ her HSRP plate. This replacement in any such case will only be performed by a certified/ authorised dealer. In cases of theft, filing of an FIR is an essential process that will be submitted to the agency issuing the number plate.

Specification for replacement of HSRP number plate with charges, is listed down below:

Two Wheeler number platesIn case one plate is damaged, only one plate will be replaced and the payment will be done only for the damaged one.
Damage to Sticker / 3rd registration plateIf one plate is damaged, the damaged plate will be replaced along with the sticker. Payment will be done only for the damaged one.
If both metal plates are damaged, then both the plates will be removed and replaced along with the sticker. Payment of both will be done.

After the replacement of the plates is done, the owner has to update the information on the VAHAN software with the help of an authorized vendor for the same. All the information should be updated here along with the reason for replacement. Also, only the Maharashtra HSRP issuing agency will dispose of the old plate before allotting a new registration plate.

Maharashtra HSRP Number plate Registration- Book Online

The online booking process is not available for all the states. For Maharashtra, the process is still offline. Although after the portal is developed for the state, you can continue with the following steps:

  • Firstly, go to the official website of the HSRP for Maharashtra.
  • Select the type of vehicle you own, i.e., commercial or private.
  • Select your vehicle like car, scooter, etc.
  • Select the state and the brand of your vehicle.
  • Enter essential information like Registration date and number.
  • Add additional details like your name, contact detail, residence details, etc.
  • Submit all your details and pay the registration fee as you receive an OTP.
  • You will see a success message on your screen.

Your registration is done!

Check Status- Track your Number Plate

Any citizen can check the status of their vehicle registration, provided they have the number for that vehicle. There is no online process specified for the registration from the state of Maharashtra. Although the official portal may be launched soon. The process will be similar to the one detailed below:

  • Visit the official Maharashtra HSRP website.
  • Click on the option stating ‘Status’.
  • It will open a login page for you.
  • Login by entering your credentials.
  • Your status will be visible on your screen along with the number of your vehicle and other details.

Book Appointment Slot for Maharashtra HSRP

Appointment slots can also be booked for getting the High-Security Number Plate. Although no standard process has been specified for generating one, in the case of Maharashtra state. So, when all the process will be established for the Maharashtra HSRP number plate then this will be included too. But until then people can do this through the already established process.

The citizens of Maharashtra can book a slot to get a new plate or replace an old one. Slots can be booked at any district RTO in Maharashtra through the website of their respective RTO or at The users can book a slot by paying a fee which is around INR 100– INR 200. After that, the aspirant has to visit the RTO on the allotted date and time and get the number plate.

Role of Central and State Government

For introducing and implementing the rules laid out for the HSRP number plate. The regulations have been distributed among the centre and the state. Also, the Vendors who want to sell the HSRP plates have to get permission certification through any approved testing agency.

CentreCreating standard regulations related to the HSRP
Implementing the process nationwide
Granting approval and authorisation to the dealers
StateImplementing the scheme following the guidelines of the central government
Picking up the vendors
Ensure the authenticity of the practices under the whole process

Maharashtr HSRP- FAQs

Is it compulsory to have an HSRP for your vehicle?

Yes, it has been made mandatory all over India. Although some states have not yet specified the processes to do it, so you can do it both through online and offline processes.

How to check the status of Maharashtra HSRP registration?

All the users who apply for the High Security Registration Plate can check their status through the official website for their state department.

What is fee for two wheeler Maharashtra HSRP?

A fee of INR 400 has been fixed for all the two wheelers applying for the high security number plate

Is HSRP compulsory for two wheelers?

Yes. High-Security Registration Plate is now compulsory for all types of vehicles that are older than April 2019.

Can I replace my damaged HSRP for my vehicle?

Yes, there is a process specified for replacement. Owners of vehicle can follow the guidelines and replace their damaged number plate.

Is the application portal common for all to apply for HSRP?

No, until now there is no common portal for the application. All the owners from different state can apply for it through the state level website.

Do I need apply for the HSRP of a new vehicle?

No, as per the regulations, all the new vehicles already have an HSRP number plate according to the colour coding.

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