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Kerala HSRP Number Plate: As per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) HSRP is now mandatory for all vehicle which has been bought on or before April 2019. So the owners who own a vehicle before the said date have to affix HSRP in their vehicle ASAP. As of now, said rule is mandatory in some states whereas some of them like Delhi and NCR have a deadline too, it is expected that soon it will be mandatory across all states and UTs in coming months.

To book HSRP online most of the states have come up with an online portal for their citizen so that they can order their HSRP online without any hue and cry but no such process has been started in Kerala where Keralites can book their HSRP online but it is expected that it will be available soon. If you want to know more about Kerala HSRP booking then do read this article to obtain all the relevant information.

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Kerala HSRP Booking: Overview

Article AboutHSRP Booking
AuthorityMinistry of Road Transport and Highway (MORTH)
Online Registration FacilityCurrently Not Available
Mode of ApplicationOffline Only
Official Website

How much you know about HSRP and its feature?

Your vehicle HSRP is known as a High Security Registration Plate which is made up of aluminium. These plates are tamper-proof and no one dares to tinker with. It consists of two non-removable or we can say non-reusable snap locks and once such locks are affixed with your HSRP then it was hard to remove them and once you break the lock then you cannot install the same plate and you need to buy the new one.

Your HSRP comes up with some unique feature which you may hardly know about so let’s have a quick look at some important feature of HSRP

Retro Reflective Sheet (RRS)

It is a flexible material that was mainly used in products to enhance their visibility especially at night and your HSRP comes with a high-grade RRS which enhances the visibility upto 200 meters. Besides HSRP such sheets are mainly used in Traffic lights and high visibility clothes etc.


You have seen so many times that companies use a hologram to prevent their product from duplicity and such hologram cannot be copied easily. Just like that your HSRP also equipped with a unique hologram that bears an image of chakra in blue color and such hologram is hot stamped at extremely high temperature due to which no one can remove it using bare hands.

Hot Stamped Alpha Numerals

The RC letters and numerals mentioned in HSRP are hot stamped with a hot stamping foil which bears inscription India in blue color. For inscription, the authority uses unique ink names as pearlescent pigments which change their color on viewing from a different angle and such feature is hard to copy for fake plate manufacturers.

Alpha Numeric PIN

If you see thoroughly then you will find that your HSRP possess a unique alpha numeric number which is etched on the left side of your number plate. This code is unique for each plate and whose main function is to link the vehicle owner details to the centralized database and in the coming days when a traffic officer is equipped with LID readers, they may easily get your details within a fraction of seconds.

Third license plate (TLP)

Vehicle’s having a windscreen must be affixed with this third license plate along with rear and front HSRP. It is a hologram sticker which usually affixed on the left side of the windshield from inside. Such plates or sticker bears some information like registration number, dealer details, etc. If in future you change your front or rear HSRP then such sticker is also needed to be replaced.

Snap Lock

If you have such a feature-rich HSRP then you cannot fasten it with an ordinary lock that’s why we have a globally acclaimed snap lock system which once fastened cannot be re-used.


HSRPs Colour


What are the benefits of HSRP?

After amending rule 50 of CMV MORTH is looking to standardize the form in which RC number displayed across the country because there are too many flaws in the current methodology which are needed to be changed.

Have a look at the pros of new and cons of old methodology

Old methodologyNew methodology
Earlier anyone can personalize their number platesNow it’s not going to be possible
Criminals can easily tamper and replace such plates through which they can perform robberies and road rage crimes.As HSRP is tamper-proof and cannot be replaced easily so it will be hard to rob a vehicle.
In this, data of the owner kept traditional ways and hard to pull out data in urgencyWhereby in this details of the owners will be kept digitally at centralize data and in urgency can be pull put easily with a seconds
Earlier such plates are affixed by anyone whether they are authorized or notBut after the implementation of the new methodology only registered dealers or vendors may affix such plates.

What are the roles of central government under HSRP?

The central government roles are limited to following cases: –

  • They notified the specification and standards of the HSRP
  • To notify the testing agency who can test the plates and give approval to a vendor based on specification
  • Implementation date

What are the roles of state government under HSRP?

  • The main role of the state government is that to implement the rules served by the central government.
  • They have to select the vendors who have been approved by the testing agencies under CMV.
  • To check proper control is being exercised or not during the issuance of plates.

Kerala HSRP Online Booking Process?

As aforementioned, no online portal has been introduced by the state government regarding purchasing or booking HSRP online. Instead, they can book their HSRP offline from their respective automobile dealer or RTO department.

If in future state government started its own online portal for HSRP booking then its process could be similar to the one as we have stated below: –

Note: The below-mentioned process has been taken from other state portals so some steps might be varied and if it does then we will update the same.

  • Visit the official portal first (Available soon)
  • Now on portal home page, you need to click on the HSRP booking for an old vehicle
  • On its selection, a window will appear where you need to provide some details like type of vehicle, engine and chassis number, owner details, and others.
  • On submitting the same you will receive a registration number
  • On proceeding further select the fitment location, date, and time as per your convenience.
  • In case you want to reschedule your appointment then such facilities will also be provided by the department.
  • After booking the date and time of appointment you have to pay the application fee through online mode.
  • On successful payment keep the receipt of payment because it will be required during the affixation.

Documents required during Kerala HSRP affixation

On the HSRP affixation day, you are required to furnish some documents which are mentioned below: –

  • Receipt of HSRP booking
  • Vehicle Registration number
  • Those who are coming for HSRP fitment of an old vehicle must get their old removed number plates and submit the same to HSRP department.

How to Reschedule the Kerala HSRP booking?

Once the portal launch officially, you might get facility to reschedule your HSRP appointment just like other states have and from steps given below you can reschedule it: –

  • To reschedule you need to visit the official portal
  • Now you need to select the reschedule your appointment tab available on the home page
  • On a new page, you are required to submit your registration details
  • For authentication, portal might send an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • On providing the same, a window will appear where you can choose slots available.
  • Confirm the slots and press the submit tab to change the fitment schedule.

How to check Kerala HSRP Status Online?

Along with the online HSRP registration, the portal will also allow you to check the status of your booking which can be done by following the steps given below: –

  • To check Kerala HSRP status online you need to go through the official portal.
  • On the main page, you need to click on the check HSRP status or track order.
  • Later, you need to provide your track order number or booking number as required and vehicle RC number.
  • Once you submit such details your HSRP status appears on your screen.

How to Print Kerala HSRP Receipt Online?

As it is mandatory to bring an HSRP receipt on fitment day so you all must download the same online by performing the steps that are mentioned here: –

  • On the official website, you need to select the HSRP receipt tab
  • Now on the new page, you need to submit details like booking number and vehicle RC number
  • Your dashboard will appear to you where you may find the required link and…
  • On selecting the same you will be able to generate its printout.

How to Apply Online for Colour Coded Sticker?

If vehicle affixed with HSRP at front and rear but not having that third registration plate (TLP) then such owners can book their color coded sticker for this, the owner has to follow the following steps that are given below: –

  1. On the home page of the Kerala HSRP portal, you are required to select Apply colour coded sticker only
  2. After this, a window will appear where you need to provide owner and vehicle details
  3. Pay the application fee and do not forget to take the printout of the receipt.
  4. While affixation of TLP you are not required to show any documents.

How to Identify Kerala HSRP Colour Coded Sticker?

Must be noted that colour coded sticker define fuel type of your vehicle so before ordering the same do check the details given below: –

BS StagePetrol and CNGDiesel vehicleOther vehicle
BS III and IVLight blue
BS VILight blue

Kerala HSRP Price List

The price of your Kerala HSRP depends upon your vehicle class and your requirement so below we have given the list of price which is tentative and subject to change:

Vehicle typeApplication typePrice (Approx.)
2 Wheeler (motorcycle/ Scooter)Complete HSRP set140
3 wheeler and invalid carriagesComplete HSRP set Colour coded sticker180 40
Light motor vehicle/ Passenger carsComplete HSRP set Colour coded sticker400 40
Commercial vehicleComplete HSRP set Colour coded sticker420 40
TractorComplete HSRP Set140

Kerala HSRP Price List for Damaged Plates

If your HSRP is damaged then you can order that particular plate individually whether it was rear or front and even both. The charges to order the same is different whose details are given below: –

Vehicle typeFront plateRear PlateBoth Plates
2 wheeler (Motor cycle)60110170
2 wheeler (scooter)70110180
3 wheeler110150220
Light motor vehicle230270460
Medium transport vehicle250290500

Kerala HSRP Important Links

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MORTH WebsiteCheck here
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Is it mandatory for all to affix HSRP Plate?

Yes, all vehicle that are registered in the state are required to be fitted with High Security registration Plate.

What is the procedure to get HSRP fitted on my vehicle?

Currently through offline mode Kerala people may affixed such HSRP in their vehicle.

Is it required for vehicle owner to be present during the HSRP affixation?

In some cases only owner must be present during the affixation of HSRP otherwise he/she can authorize anyone on his/her behalf.

Is it possible to book only front/rear/ TLP plate only?

Yes, you can book either rear/front or TLP only.

What are the details that are to be found in TLP?

The third registration plate or colour coded sticker carry some details namely registering authority name, PIN number, RC number, date of vehicle registration.

Is it possible to reschedule the appointment date and time?

Yes, you can easily change the appointment date and time from the portal.

How many components are their in HSRP?

Your HSRP Consists of three components namely front HSRP, rear HSRP, and third one is TLP or colour coded sticker.

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