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As per amendments made in the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, MoRTH mandated the installation of HSRP, High -Security Registration Plates to the two/four wheeler motor vehicles. All the rules and amendments are being monitored under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. All the vehicles will possess an HSRP instead of an ordinary number plate throughout India. The Government of Karnataka is also implementing the rules issued by the MoRTH. All those who have not yet replaced their old number plates with an HSRP must do the same as soon as possible. To ease the HSRP registration process in the state, the State government will soon launch an online portal.

Karnataka HSRP Number Plate 2021


Read the article below to gather all information and details regarding Karnataka HSRP. We have included the objectives and benefits of affixing an HSRP to your vehicle. Also, check out the online application procedure to get your Karnataka HSRP, Online Booking, Application Status, and others.

Brief Description of Karnataka HSRP

Article HSRP Online Booking
HSRPHigh- Security Registration Plates
AuthorityMoRTH, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, GoI
DepartmentTransport Department, Government of Karnataka
Applicable forTwo/ Four-wheeled motor vehicles
Mode of RegistrationOffline
Registration StatusActive
Book Online Check below
Official Websiteto be announced

About HSRP

HSRP, abbreviated for High-Security Registration Plates, is an aluminium-based special number plate designed to enhance road security and safety across the country. It comprises some peculiarities that make it different from the ordinary number plates. HSRP consists of a high-temperature resistant chromium hologram, laser engrossed PIN, fixed snap locks, hot-stamped pearlescent pigments-based mark, etc. Furthermore, the HSRP number plate is protected by a high-grade retro-reflective sheet so as to enhance the range of vision, esp. during night time.

Components of HSRP

  1. TLP, or Colour-Coded Stickers (for four-wheelers only)
  2. Front HSRP Number Plate
  3. Rear HSRP Number Plate

Objectives of High-Security Registration Plates

Preventing the counterfeiting and robbery of the vehicles have been the main motives of introducing the HSRPs. Some of the significant objectives of HSRP are described below:-

a) Enhancement in road safety and protection.
b) Ameliorating digitalization by feeding all the registered vehicle-related data in a central database.
c) Deterioration in illegal trading of motor vehicles.
d) Tracking of the vehicle and owner will be easy while handling unknown road accidents and crimes.
e) Forging of number plates and the rate of vehicle thefts will decline.

Advantages of High-Security Registration Plates

  • Standardization of pattern and format of the number plate across the nation.
  • Easy to track the stolen vehicles with the help of various special features of the HSRP.
  • All the data and information related to the registered motor vehicle along with the owner details will be uploaded in a centralized database.
  • PIN (Permanent Identification Number) engraved on the HSRP will help to access the database and fetch the required details.
  • It will become very easy to trace road related crimes and accidents.
  • With the feature of snap locks, it will be impossible for the thieves to replace or tamper with the installed HSRP.
  • The number of illegal or fake number plates will diminish, reducing vehicle-related crimes in the country.

Specialization of an HSRP

Chromium Hologram A 20mm X 20mm, blue-coloured chromium material based Ashoka Chakra is embossed on the top left corner of the HSRP by hot stamping. The hot stamping ensures the high-temperature resistance of the hologram, which makes it very difficult to remove or tamper.
Hot- Stamped IND markUnderneath the hologram, an “IND” mark is inscribed in blue colour, representing the international code for India. To enhance the uniqueness, the ink used for the inscription is based on the pearlescent pigments which change colours when viewed from different angles. Consequently, it becomes extremely difficult for manufactures to fake the exact same.
Laser engraved PINA unique alphanumeric code of nine letters is located beneath the security inscriptive hot-stamped IND mark. This code is interconnected with the digital central database of all the registered motor vehicles. With the help of LID readers, the police can easily acquire details related to the concerned vehicle.
Snap Locks HSRP is fixed at the vehicle with two snap locks. These locks are non-removable and non-reusable. If someone tries to detach the HSRP number plate, it cannot be reused in its original configuration. The snap locks can only be attached to the rear part of the vehicle.
Retro-Reflective SheetsAn HSRP number plate is secured with a superior retro-reflective sheet, which assures the night time conspicuity. It enhances the range of vision to over a distance of 200 metres.
TLP, or Colour-coded StickersApart from the HSRP number plate, it is also obligatory for the four-wheeler vehicles to affix a TLP (Third License Plate or Sticker) on the windscreen. The ticker will include the Registration umber and authority along with the LID number. It gets replaced with the replacement of the HSRP. Different colours are used for the stickers to identify the fuel type of the vehicle.

Features of Karnataka HSRP

Karnataka HSRP is loaded with many features. The plate is made up of aluminium with the dimensions 1.0-0/+0.2 mm and the edges of the plate are rounded to an extent of 10mm so as to avoid the chances of injuries. Also, the material used for the HSRP number must be able to sustain for at least five years. Following is a list of some of the prominent features of the Karnataka HSRP.

1 Chromium-based Hologram
An Ashoka Chakra is embedded in the blue colour at the top left-hand corner of the HSRP. It is hot-stamped and hence, is very difficult to remove.
2 Hot- Stamped Security Inscriptive “IND” mark
IND is the international code for India, depicting the standardization across the nation.
3 Laser engraved code
Below the IND mark, a laser-etched unique nine-digit alphanumeric code is embossed. The code is directly linked with the database and all the details can be fetched with the use of LID readers available with the traffic police.
4 State Code for Karnataka
“KA” is the registered code for the state of Karnataka. It shows that the concerned motor vehicle is registered in Karnataka state.
5 District Code
This two-digit code depicts the specific district of the state of Karnataka.
6 A unique alpha-numeric combination code
7 Snap Locks
Fastened at the rear part of the vehicle, snap locks are non-removable and non-reusable locks. One can detach it from the vehicle with the use of the tools and if removed, cannot be reused in its former arrangement.

Karnataka HSRP Size and Colour Scheme

The Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 authorizes the four types of dimensions for the HSRP number plate. These sizes of the HSRP number plates are decided on the basis of the type of the concerned vehicle.

Type of Vehicle Size of HSRP Image
Two/ Three-wheeler vehicles– 200 mm X 100 mm
– 285 mm X 45 mm
LMV, Light Motor Vehicles– 340 mm X 200 mm
– 500 mm X 120 mm
Heavy Motor Vehicles/ Trailer/ Commercial – 340 mm X 200 mmkar-number-plate-size

Apart from the size of the HSRP number plate, MoRTH has also specified the colour scheme depending upon the type and purpose of the concerned motor vehicle. The colour scheme assists to recognise the vehicle. Check the prescribed colour scheme below.

Type of Vehicle Background of HSRPColour
TransportWhite hsrp-colour

Karnataka HSRP TLP or Colour Coded Stickers

TLP is a colour-coded sticker, known as Third License Plate or Sticker. It is mandatory for the four-wheeler motor vehicles and is pasted on the windshield of the vehicle.

The motive behind glueing the sticker is to distinguish and recognize the fuel type of the vehicle. Also, it helps to identify the Bharat Stage variant of the vehicle. MoRTH has adopted the following colour scheme.

Bharat Stage Variant Fuel Type and Colour
BS III and IV Petrol/ CNG: Light Blue
Diesel: Orange
Others: Grey
BS-VIPetrol/ CNG: Light Blue with Green strip
Diesel: Orange with Green strip
Others: Grey with Green strip

Who needs to apply for HSRP in Karnataka?

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made it compulsory for every registered motor vehicle to get an HSRP all over the country. All the vehicles registered after 1st April 2019 are pre-fitted with a High-Security Registration Plate. Hence, there is no need for such motorists to register themselves for an HSRP. However, the registered vehicles before 1st April 2019 must upgrade their ordinary number plate to High-Security Registration Plate. Karnataka government will soon start to charge fines to those who have not yet installed HSRP.

Karnataka HSRP Registration Fee

Karnataka HSRP can be upgraded at any authorized HSRP dealer or vendor. To avail the service, the applicants need to pay a nominal fee as a service charge to the respective vendor or HSRP dealer. Check the registration charges in the table below.

Type of Service AvailedCharges (without GST)
HSRP number plate for 4-wheeler motor vehiclesRs. 600-1100
HSRP number plate for 2-wheeler motor vehiclesRs. 300-400
TLP, or colour-coded sticker for 4-wheeler motor vehiclesRs. 1000

Karnataka HSRP Book Online

States like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, etc. have simplified the registration process for HSRP by developing an online portal to serve the same purpose. However, in the state of Karnataka, the process is still offline. The authorities will soon develop an online platform to make the HSRP related services digital. As of now, the applicants need to visit their respective registered Regional Transport Office to get an HSRP.

Although the online portal has not been yet established for HSRP Karnataka, we have provided the expected booking procedure to get your HSRP.

Step I:- Visit the official website of Karnataka HSRP.

Step II:- The applicants must feed in all the information required related to the vehicle. such as Vehicle Registration number, type of vehicle (commercial or private), Chassis number, engine number, etc.

Step III:- Now, feed in your personal details.

Step IV:- Verify the OTP sent to the registered mobile number.

Step V:- Make a payment accordingly via UPI/ Credit card/ Debit Card etc.

Step VI:- At last, click on the option of “Submit”.

HSRP Karnataka Registration Procedure- Offline

As mentioned earlier, the state of Karnataka has not yet begun the registration process via online mode. hence, the applicants need to visit their registered RTO to get their desired HSRP. Submit an application form for HSRP, pay the requisite fee and the authorities will proceed the process. As soon as the process is completed, you will be allotted a HSRP, which you can collect from the RTO itself after a few days.

Check Karnataka HSRP Application Status

After submission of the registration form of Karnataka HSRP, the applicants can track their order. An online platform will be soon be established to provide digital HSRP services to the public by the Government of Karnataka. However, we have provided a tentative procedure to track your order number in Karnataka via online mode.

  1. Go to the Karnataka HSRP official portal.
  2. Click on the “Track Application/ Check Status” icon.
  3. Log in using your registration/ application number.
  4. Click on the “Submit” button.
  5. Your Karnataka HSRP order status will be displayed on the screen.

Support Helpdesk

For any queries and doubts related to Karnataka HSRP, you can contact the concerned department through phone 8929722201 or you can write to them at  online@bookmyhsrp.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is HSRP?

    HSRP or High Security Registration Plates, is an initiative by MoRTH to enhance the safety and security on the roads. It has many special features that will help the police to trace the details about the road accidents and crimes.

  2. What is TLP?

    TLP, Third License Plate or Sticker, is an additional component for four wheeler motor vehicles apart from front and rear HSRP number plates. It provides details about the registration number and fuel type of that particular vehicle.

  3. Is HSRP mandatory in Karnataka?

    Yes, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has obligated the installation of HSRP instead of ordinary number plates in the state of Karnataka.

  4. How can I get my HSRP in Karnataka?

    As of now, there is no online registration process for HSRP Karnataka. You must visit your registered Regional Transport Office to get the same.

  5. How much do I need to pay for getting a sticker on my car?

    For colour- coded stickers, the applicants need to pay Rs. 100 + GST to the concerned department.

  6. What is the helpline number of Karnataka HSRP?

    You can either call on 8929722201 or write to the concerned authorities at online@bookmyhsrp.com.

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