Jharkhand HSRP Number Plate Book Online, Book Jharkhand Appointment Slot Status, Track Your Number Plate Order

Jharkhand HSRP Number Plate | Book Online | Book Jharkhand Appointment Slot Status| Track Your Number Plate Order

High Security Registration Plates commonly known as HSRP has become talk of the town these days. It is because Central Government as well as the State governments has made it compulsory for all motor vehicles to affix HSRP on their old motor vehicles before the due dates.  If you are from Jharkhand and wondering how to get Jharkhand HSRP Number Plate then no need to go anywhere else as you are on the right page. Here, you will get answers to all your queries regarding Jharkhand HSRP.

Several states have issued deadlines and beyond that a huge amount of fine will be imposed on defaulters i.e., citizens not having HSRP on their vehicles. This tightening of rules has increased the demand of HSRP and color-coded stickers/ third registration plate in each and every state of the country.

Jharkhand HSRP Number Plate

Jharkhand HSRP Number Plate

Before moving to Jharkhand HSRP let’s discuss in brief about HSRP and colour coded stickers.

HSRP is a solid aluminum unit having chromium based hologram affixed on vehicles with the snap lock fitting system which are hard to remove and temper. These high security registration plates are to be installed in vehicles by replacing old number plates. Vehicles which has been and are sold after April 2019 comes with HSRP installed on it but those sold before the said date need to carry a HSRP on it. The Indian govt has made it mandatory for all to motor vehicle owner to have number plate installed on their old vehicles.

Just like in other states, HSRP installation and color coded stickers has also become compulsory in Jharkhand. Those who have not get their HSRP in Jharkhand should get it soon as the state government may impose fine and issue deadline in coming days.

In this post, citizens are going to find each and every information related to Jharkhand HSRP Number Plate such how motor vehicle owners in Jharkhand can Jharkhand ply for HSRP, how they can check status, what will be the fee/charges involved, return/replacement policies etc. To get HSRP Jharkhand information they need to go through the article once.

Jharkhand HSRP: An Overview

Title  Jharkhand HSRP Number Plate
CategoryHSRP Application
Ministry concernedMinistry of Roadways and Highways, GoI
Concerned State DepartmentTransport Department, Jharkhand
RuleRule 50 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR), 1989
Mode of Jharkhand HSRP ApplicationOffline
Application StatusActive
Fee ApplicableNot Fixed (depends on HSRP suppliers and type of vehicles)
Transport Dept. Official portaljhtransport.gov.in

Features of Jharkhand HSRP  

HSRP comes with numerous features and you must be aware of them. To help you in this, we have compiled information about all the salient features of Jharkhand HSRP in this particular section. Have a look-  

  • HSRP is High Security Registration Plate is a solid 1.0 mm aluminum plate affixed on motor vehicles with the help of and conform to ISO 7591 or 1745/DIN 1783 rules.
  • HSRP is fastened with the vehicle with the help of snap locks which are hard to remove and reuse.
  • There are basically three components in every High Security Registration Plate. These include- A Front No. plate, Rear No. plate and a Colour Coded sticker also known as Third Registration plate/ Color sticker.
  • HSRP comes with a hot stamped chromium-based hologram of 20 mm X 20 mm size with an image of Chakra to avoid practices of counterfeiting. As these are applied through hot stamping, they are temper proof and hard to remove.  
  • It has embossed borders and corners are rounded up to 10 mm to avoid injuries due to sharp edges.
  • HSRPs are temper proof and comes with reflective sheets. This reflective sheet comes with a guarantee of minimum 5 years.
  • For security reasons it has hot-stamped film, borders and legends embossed on it.
  •  These Retro Reflective sheets facilitates enhancing night time visibility.
  • On the extreme left side of the plate, it shows a letter IND written in blue. It indicates National Identity and Standardization.
  • It has a laser coded minimum nine-digit alpha numeric code hot stamped under IND. This code gets linked with the details of vehicle.
  • Third Registration Plate or Colour coded stickers also an integral part of this HSRP. However, these chromium-based stickers with hologram stickers are only meant for motor vehicles having wind screens. These stickers include registration no. of the vehicle, name of registering authority etc. and are affixed on the top of the windscreen. The colour codes of the stickers depend on the Fuel type and BS variant of the vehicle.

Advantages of HSRP Jharkhand

HSRP are way better than traditional number plates that are used in India. These are highly secured, temper and theft proof. It comes with several other utilities for vehicle owners as well as for the transport department. Let’s check what are the advantages of Jharkhand HSRP listed below-

  • HSRP is the identity of the vehicle and provide information about it.
  • Standard implementation of these plates across the country has brought uniformity.
  • HSRP helps in bringing down the number of vehicle theft and bribery cases.
  •  Helps in reduction of crimes related to vehicle like forging of number plates, tempering of number plates, stealing or vehicle theft, using duplicate or forged number plates etc.  
  • Helps to easily find the stolen vehicle as it comes easy to track a HSRP installed vehicle.
  • With the help of HSRP it becomes easy to gather data about the vehicle and database can be maintained for Government use.
  • Facilitates digitization of data.
  • Help law enforcing authority to handle crimes related to road and transport.

How to obtain HSRP in Jharkhand?

Like HSRP UP, HSRP AP and various other states of India there is no online booking system for HSRP in Jharkhand.  However, citizens can order HSRP online using various e-commerce sites such as India mart etc. Apart from this, there are huge number of manufacturers and suppliers in the state. Citizens having old vehicles (before April 2019) without HSRP have to contact their motor vehicle dealers or any other authorized dealer of HSRP to get it affixed on their vehicles.

Jharkhand citizens can get their HSRP affixed on their vehicles by following means-

  • Concerned Automobile Dealers- Citizens can obtain their HSRP from the dealer of their vehicle. It means they can visit the dealers from which they have purchased their motor vehicles.
  • RTO (Regional Transport Office)- Jharkhand Citizens can also visit concerned RTO for issue of HSRP. Check the list of all the RTOs of Jharkhand given below-  
RTO LocationRTO CodeRTO LocationRTO Code
RanchiJH 1ChatraJH 13
HazaribaghJH 2GarhwaJH 14
DaltonganjJH 3DeogarhJH 15
DumkaJH 4PakurJH 16
JamshedpurJH 5GoddaJH 17
ChaibasaJH 6SahibganjJH 18
GumlaJH 7LateharJH 19
LohardagaJH 8SimdegaJH 20
Bokaro Steel CityJH 9JamtaraJH 21
DhanbadJH 10Saraikela-KharsawanJH 22
GiridihJH 11KhuntiJH 23
KodermaJH 12RamgarhJH 24
  • Authorized HSRP Manufacturer & Suppliers- There are various HSRP manufacturers and suppliers in the states. Citizens can visit these suppliers to get their HSRP affixed. However, citizens are suggested to contact or visit only the authorized dealers of HSRP in state. Citizens must ensure that the dealers they are approaching or HSRP are authorized by the government and complying all the rules and regulations.     
  • Online Via E-commerce Sites- There are some of the online suppliers (such as IndiaMart, Amazon) of HSRP in Jharkhand from which citizens can obtain hsrp for their motor-vehicle. However, citizens are advised to be carefully and only order from genuine and authorized suppliers. They have to provide all the necessary details of their vehicle at the time of placing order.

Documents Required

In order to obtain an HSRP in Jharkhand, motorist do not require much document. They just have to provide details of their vehicle in which they have to get HSRP installed. To apply for HSRP in Jharkhand motorist have to provide Vehicle Registration Certificate i.e., RC from which HSRP provider can get details such as vehicle registration no., date of registration, engine no., Chassis no. etc. Apart from this, applicants can keep their Aadhaar card with them.   

Jharkhand HSRP Status

Once an order for HSRP has been made, customers can check the status of their application. In case of any online order, customer have to check it using the Order Id and in case of offline order one has to contact the concerned HSRP supplier.  

Fixation of Jharkhand HSRP

Once order is place, customers have to visit the respective fixation centres on the specified dates and time. The date, time and venue for the installation of HSRP is communicated to the vehicle owner at the time of order. On the scheduled date, it is the responsibility of the customer to be present at the venue with the vehicle and order payment receipt and RC.

Cancellation and Refund Policy  

As of now no online portal for HSRP booking is available in Jharkhand state. Therefore, online cancellation of booking and refund of fee is not possible. In future if government provides any online portal for HSRP, we will let our valuable readers through article. In case of offline booking, citizens can visit the concerned person/ office to get information about the cancellation of HSRP order, replacement and refund policy.

All the dealers or suppliers of HSRP in Jharkhand should follow the guidelines issued by MoRTH regarding the Replacement or damage of HSRP. These guidelines are mentioned below-


What if Jharkhand HSRP is lost or stolen?

In this case, the motorist firstly have to file an FIR in the nearest Police Station. Once FIR has been filed, they can apply for new HSRP. Before that they also have to submit a copy of FIR at the issuing authority of old HSRP so that it can maintain a record of the same.

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Is it mandatory to affix HSRP in motor vehicles in Jharkhand?

Yes, Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR), 1989 rule 50, Government of India has made it mandatory for all the motor vehicle owner to necessarily have a HSRP affixed on their vehicles.

Who is eligible to book appointment for Jharkhand HSRP?

All the citizens of Jharkhand having an old motor vehicle (purchased before April 2019) without High Security Registration Plate affixed on it are eligible to apply for HSRP.

I have bike purchased after April 2019, am I also required to affix HSRP on it?

No, vehicle after the set date comes with already affixed HSRP, you are not required to do it. It is meant for all the old motor vehicles.

How get my High Security Registration Plate in Jharkhand?

To get HSRP in Jharkhand you have to visit your RTO, dealer or any other authorized HSRP supplier.

What are the details required for obtaining HSRP?

Customers are required to have their vehicle registration details along with them to order HSRP.

What is the main document used for booking HSRP?

Candidates are required to keep their Registration Certificate (RC) handy at the time of order booking for HSRP.

What are the charges applicable for obtaining HSRP and color coded stickers in Jharkhand?

Charges depends on the type of the vehicle and dealers. There are no standard charges fixed by the government in Jharkhand states. You must contact hsrp dealers for more information about the charges. 

Is there any facility of home delivery of HSRP in Jharkhand?

As the HSRP process is mainly online in the state, one has to visit the HSRP providers to get it affixed on his vehicle. However, it depends on HSRP provided so citizens should ask their HSRP supplier regarding the same. In case HSRP has been ordered online then HSRP will be delivered to the address but for fixation of same depends on the choice of customer.

Is a color-coded sticker compulsory for two-wheeler motor vehicles along with the HSRP?

No, Color-coded stickers are to be affixed only the motor vehicles having a windscreen. These are not meant for two-wheelers like motorbikes, scooters etc.

Can we apply online in Jharkhand for HSRP?

No, as of now there is no online portal available for HSRP booking in Jharkhand

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