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Jammu and Kashmir HSRP Number Plate: As soon as the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways mandated the Rule 50 of CMV under which the HSRP (High Security Registration Plate) is now mandatory for all vehicles whether it is old or new since then all states and UTs have issued the guidelines and a deadline regarding the HSRP affixation. According to the rule, the vehicle that purchased on or before April 2019 must affix such HSRPs ASAP otherwise on not abide by the rule prescribed fine will be imposed on them. So if you are among the ones who are not affixed such HSRP on their vehicle yet then they must read this article to know its procedure.

Jammu and kashmir hsrp booking

Jammu and Kashmir HSRP

Unlike other states and UTs, the J&K has not started the online process for such HSRPs or color-coded sticker booking. If J&K also commenced such a portal then it will be benefited J&K people in many ways. First, they do not need to rush towards the dealership for booking which is so hectic, and second is they can schedule their appointment as per their convenience. Also, if not possible to visit on the scheduled date then such schedule can also be changed.

To know more about J&K HSRP then give your valuable time to this article, and collect complete information about Jammu and Kashmir HSRP booking process.

Why HSRP is required for every vehicle?

The foremost reason to make it compulsory is that the exiting plates can be easily tempered and in doing so car thieves misused them in many ways. However, such things are impossible in HSRPs case because they come up with non-removable and non-reusable snap locks and many other features. Such HSRP collects your data in a centralized server which would be beneficial in the identification of a stolen car.

Jammu and Kashmir HSRP and its Key Features

As you all know that HSRP is named as (High Security Registration Plate). Such HSRP is features loaded which are same for all states and UTs whether it is for Jammu and Kashmir HSRP, DELHI HSRP, or Punjab HSRP. So in the coming section, we have discussed some interesting feature of HSRP which you must be aware of: –

Aluminum Sheet

The HSRP is a solid unit that is made up of aluminum whose size is 1 mm. To avoid any kind of injuries the plate borders and edges kept rounded to 10 mm.


RRS (Retro Reflective Sheet)

Now, most of you hardly knew about this key feature of HSRP. RRS’s main feature is that it enhances the visibility of the products during nights and due to the flexibility it is primarily used in products such as high visibility clothes, traffic lights, and obviously in your HSRP. With the help of this sheet, your vehicle will be easily visible for the approaching vehicles, and due to their imperishable nature, such sheets come with a guarantee of 5 years.


Chromium Based Hologram

In order to protect the HSRP from counterfeiting such HSRP has been hot stamped with a chromium-based hologram whose size is 20×20 mm. Such holograms can be easily found at the extreme left corner in front and rear plates. To strengthen the security it also bears a “Chakra” image and cannot be copied.


Hot Stamping of Numeral and Letters

The letter and numeral mentioned in the HSRP are hot stamped with a foil bearing ‘India’ in blue color and a unique ink is used for its inscription which changes its colour on viewing different angles. It is an addition to security features which cannot be copied by fake plate manufacturers.


Alpha Numeric Code

There is a unique 9 digit alpha numeral code edged on the bottom left-hand side of HSRP. Such code is used for linking the owner and vehicle details at a centralized secured server and with the help of this, the traffic police officer can pull out details in seconds using their LID readers. It will be useful in road rage or hit-and-run cases.

3rd Registration Plate or stickers

Along with front and rear Plates, there is another registration plate known as Colour stickers and such stickers are only for a vehicle having a windscreen. This sticker carries details like vehicle registration number, details of registering authority. In case, you replaced your front and rear HSRP then it is mandatory to replace this sticker.

IND Identification Mark

HSRP Comes with a laminated IND identification mark which is hot-stamped at the extreme left of the plate and such mark is an integral part of your HSRP.

jammu and kashmir hsrp booking

Snap Lock

Such snap locks are used to fastening the HSRP. Such snap locks have a unique feature that once it’s fastened then it cannot be reused or removed in original form. These snap locks are acclaimed worldwide.


What are the benefits of HSRP?

After amending rule number 50 of CMV the ministry of Road Transport and Highways is looking to standardize the number plate form and manner across the nation which may have the following benefits: –

  • Now no one can personalize their number plate because a single format for displaying number plate across the nation will be used.
  • Tampering is not easy so it will curb the vehicle theft and crime borne by the vehicles.
  • Data will be kept in digital mode in a secured server and can be pulled easily in exigencies by the traffic police with their LID
  • After this, fake and illegal plates cannot be sold by miscreants.
  • Assist authorities of law enforcement to tackle road-based crimes.

J&K HSRP Specification for Vehicles

In the section given below, we have mentioned the specification of HSRP as per the type of vehicle have a look: –

For Non-Transport Vehicle (White Background)

Vehicle TypeFront PlateRear PlateTLP (3rd Registration Plate)
Two wheeler285×45 mm200×100 mmNA
Tractor285×45 mm200×100 mmNA
Three Wheeler200×100 mm200×100 mmOn vehicle windscreen
LMV200×100 mm200×100 mm-DO-
HMV/ light Goods340×200 mm340×200 mm-DO-

For Transport Vehicle (With Yellow Background)

Vehicle TypeFront PlateRear PlateTLP (3rd Registration Plate)
Two wheeler285×45 mm200×100 mmNA
Tractor285×45 mm200×100 mmNA
Three Wheeler200×100 mm200×100 mmOn vehicle windscreen
LMV500×120 mm500×120 mm-DO-
HMV/ light Goods340×200 mm340×200 mm-DO-

For Battery Operated Vehicle (With Green Background)

Vehicle TypeFront PlateRear PlateTLP (3rd Registration Plate)
Two wheeler/ tractor285×45 mm200×100 mmNA
Three Wheeler200×100 mm200×100 mmOn vehicle windscreen
LMV500×120 mm500×120 mm-DO-
HMV/ light Goods340×200 mm340×200 mm-DO-

Note: If a battery-operated vehicle is used for transport then its HSRP will be Yellow while for other cases it will be white)

What are a color-coded 3rd Registration Plate and its Features?

As aforementioned that HSRP consists of three components viz. front and rear number plate and colour coded stickers. The main benefit of this sticker is that it may tell about your vehicle fuel type, registration details, and registering authority name. So before ordering such stickers do check which color-coded sticker you need to order and such details are given in the table below: –

BS III and BS IV vehicleLight blue for CNG/ Petrol vehicle
Orange color for Diesel Vehicle
Grey colour for all other vehicles
BS-VI vehiclesLight blue for CNG/Petrol vehicle (with green stripe)
Orange colour with green stripe
Grey colour for other vehicles with green stripe

Services Expected in Jammu and Kashmir HSRP Portal

As we said the J&K HSRP booking portal is not started yet but once it will be available for the citizens then citizens may enjoy following services from the portal: –

  • Online HSRP booking for an old and new vehicle
  • Book appointment schedule
  • Reschedule appointment
  • Application status can also be tracked
  • Can also cancel their order
  • Order colour coded sticker separately
  • Download fee receipt
  • HSRP fee can also be checked
  • Know about HSRP feature and its benefits

How to Apply for Jammu and Kashmir HSRP Number Plate for Old Vehicle?

As of now, J&K HSRP online booking portal is not released by the officials but it could be started soon in the coming weeks to make the process easy for J&K residents. But if you want to apply for HSRP then you must approach your vehicle authorized dealer or concerned RTO.

But, sooner or later the online J&K HSRP booking will be started and once it is available then its process might be look-alike as we have given below. In case, the process possesses any changes then we will update the same with all the required details: –

  • For online HSRP Booking, you need to visit the official portal (Available soon)
  • On the home page of the portal, you may find a link to book HSRP online
  • Once you select the link a new window will open where you need to submit some of your details like: –
    • Registration number,
    • Vehicle Chassis number,
    • Engine number
  • On submitting the same you need to choose the fitment location as per your convenience from the available option.
  • Once you are done with the fitment location you need to book your appointment slot date and time.
  • Next, the HSRP booking summary will appear to you if you wanted to edit any of the details then it can be done easily at this stage.
  • Next, you need to pay the fee for HSRP booking
  • Once the payment is completed do not forget to take the printout of fee receipt in case it is not possible at that time then download the file and print it later.

Track Jammu and Kashmir HSRP Order

Along with online booking, such portal will allow you to track your booking order and for this, you need to follow the steps mention here: –

  • On visiting the Jammu and Kashmir HSRP portal, you may find track order link on the home page.
  • Its selection will take you to the new page, where you need to enter your order or track ID number received during the registration process.
  • On submitting, the current status of the order will flash on your screen.
  • Once your HSRP is reached at the dealership for fitment then you will receive a text message from officials and also from the dealership.

Reschedule Jammu and Kashmir HSRP Appointment?

States which are offering online HSRP booking services are giving feature of appointment reschedule to their customer. And such feature can be used if it’s not possible to visit on given date and time and such fitment can be rescheduled by following steps given below: –

  • Move towards the official portal, and select the reschedule appointment from the home page.
  • It will take you to the new page, where you are required to provide the necessary details such as booking number, vehicle registration number.
  • On submitting an OTP will be sent on your mobile number just for authentication.
  • Submit the OTP and proceed to change the appointment schedule
  • Choose the new date and time from the available option.
  • On final submission, a message will display about your new schedule.

Jammu and Kashmir HSRP Fee

The J&K HSRP booking fee is not mentioned in the portal but it is expected that it will cost somewhere around the amount which we have mentioned in the table below: –

Vehicle TypeFee Amount
2 WheelerApprox 160
3 wheekerApprox 200
LMVApprox 460
HMVApprox 480

Jammu and Kashmir HSRP: Important Links

Official WebsiteClick here
J&K HSRP Registration OnlineAvailable Soon
Track Jammu and Kashmir HSRO StatusAvailable Soon
SIAM WebsiteClick here
MORTH PortalClick here

Jammu and Kashmir HSRP Helpdesk

If you want to know more about the HSRP or its booking procedure then you may contact the RTO Department of your district or you can also contact the SIAM Helpline number.

J&K RTO Contact List: Click here

SIAM Helpline number: 011: 47103010 or also send your queries through mail at hsrpquery@siam.in


Is it compulsory for all vehicle owner to get a HSRP?

Yes, as per the rule mandated by the MORTH it is mandatory for all that their vehicle old/new must affixed with HSRP.

What is the procedure to book Jammu and Kashmir HSRP?

As such online process is not started in Jammu and Kashmir so the citizens owing vehicle need to contact their dealership or RTO.

Any documents are required during Jammu and Kashmir HSRP affixation?

On HSRP fitment day the owner of the vehicle need to carry their vehicle Registration certificate and Receipt of HSRP fee booking.

How do I know that HSRP has reached at dealership?

You will be notified via text that your HSRP has reached.

What is the price of Jammu and Kashmir HSRP booking?

The HSRP price depends on the class of vehicle you own. For more details you need to check the official portal or reach out to the concerned department.

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