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HSRP Punjab @punjabhsrp.in is now essential for all the vehicles, and such an announcement has been made by the MORTH and the supreme court at the beginning of October 2020. It is mainly for that vehicle that has been purchase before April 2019. HSRP is necessary, to decrease criminal activities, before that the vehicle plate can easily be removed by the thieves. Through HSRP the govt. also set a standard pattern of the plate, which also raises the life span, all make all the process digitalized so that it will be easy for everyone to apply for HSRP.

In this article, you will get to know detailed information about the HSRP, its specification, How to apply for HSRP Punjab through an online portal? How to track HSRP Punjab application status? How to reschedule HSRP Punjab appointment? For getting all this information you can scroll down on the page.


HSRP Punjab

The HSRP stands for High-Security Registration Plate and you can secure this HSRP for five years, the plate was made up of aluminum material in which retro reflective sheets will be used to make the visualization better up to 200 meters, especially at night. These sheets are useful to prevent accidents, these plates are useful to stop crime as well. The Punjab Govt make the HSRP mandatory for all the vehicle, for that, you can also contact the nearest DTO office. The overview of the High-Security Registration Plate is mention below, you can go through it for more details:

Launched ByMinistry of Road Transport and Highway Department
SectionPunjab HSRP Services
HSRP Punjab RegistrationActive
HSRP Punjab Home Deliverynot yet
HSRP for New Application Mode Offline
For Old applicationOnline and Offline
Customer Care Number 788849885978884988537743009100
Email customer.care@hsrppunjab.com
Official sitehttps://www.punjabhsrp.in/index.php,
overview of HSRP

Specification of Punjab HSRP

The HSRP consist some of the symbols, here we explain each term, and it will be useful for you, the list is given below:-

  1. Hologram:- It is a chromium-based stamp, which consists of the CHAKRA, in Blue color and also prevents counterfeiting.
  2. IND mark:– Shows the identification of the nation and its standardization.
  3. Digital Code:- Its a unique code that is different for every vehicle, and it is embedded by using a laser. It also consists of a watermark that cannot be eradicated. And the number will be painted through the number paint.
  4. Alpha Numerical and Border:- The border is used to increase readability.
  5. Snap Lock:- To make the security better the snap-lock has been installed which is non-removable or non-usable.
  6. Reflecting Sheet:- There are two types of reflecting sheets, that is:- white or yellow sheets. The white sheet is used for Non-commercial purposes, whereas the yellow sheet has been used for commercial purposes. This sheet is used to prevent accident cases, because of low visibility or at night time. These sheets are certified by the Central Road Research Institute.

Color Coding and BSES- HSRP Punjab


Color coding is the chromium-based hologram, whose length is about 100mmX 60mm, and the registration plate is another name of the color-coding. And from 2 Oct 2020, the color-coding (also known as third registration number plate) sticker is necessary for all the vehicles, the color of the sticker indicates the type of fuel used in the vehicles. That means if, in the vehicle, Diesel has been used then the sticker will be Orange, whereas there is petrol or the CNG vehicle then the color will be Light Blue. The color coding sticker also consists the information like the date of registration, registration number, Registering authority name, etc.

Bharat Stages Emission Standards (BSES)Type Of FuelBackground-color of a sticker
BS III, IV, and VIOther vehiclesGrey
BS III, IV and VIDiesel vehiclesOrange
BS III, IV and VIPetrol and CNG vehiclesLight Blue
Note: BS VI vehicle number plate will have a green strip at the top of the plate

To obtain the color coding sticker you can visit the official site of the HSRP- Punjab or else you can also contact your dealer as well who is authorised for such things.

Benefits of HSRP Punjab

Here we mention some of the benefits of HSRP, which is necessary to know:-

  • Through HSRP, the govt. has created a standard format and uniformity all across the country.
  • By NIC(National Informatics Centre), all the data of the vehicle is now in the form of digitalized format.
  • When the HSRP comes into the role, the crime related to the vehicle is minimum, because, through HSRP, the police easily track the vehicle.
  • By making the rule of the registration plates, now the illegal selling of the vehicle can be preventable.
  • It also stops many road-related crimes as well.
  • Now no one can break the traffic rule because of the plate registration, e-challan has been generated, which directly comes on your phone, so it is helpful for the people’s safety as well.

Apply Online for HSRP Punjab

To apply for the HSRP for an Old vehicle for that you have to follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, you have to visit the official site of the HSRP Punjab.
  • Then the homepage will display on your screen.
  • You will the option Apply for HSRP online, click on the option.
  • After clicking the option, the new page will open.
  • And you have to fill in the below mention details:
    • First, select your application type from the drop-down box.
  • Enter your Vehicle Number, Chassis No., Engine No., all are mandatory to fill.
    • Write the name of the owner, the enter the registered mobile number.
    • Choose the class of the vehicle from the following options:- Non-Transport and Transport Class.
    • Select the type of vehicle from the drop-down box.
    • Pick the registration card type:- Smart Card or Non-Smart Card.
    • Then last choose the fitment location:- Fitment At Home, Fitment at RTA/ SDM.
    • Tick on the declaration box, and tap the submit option.
  • Once you click on the submit option, the new page will display on your, in which you to do payment for the services charges.

Note: To apply for a new vehicle, you have to contact your respective automobile dealer for the HSRP plate for your vehicle.


HSRP Punjab Fees

Here we are sharing the price list according to the type of the vehicle, you can see the list in the below table:

Type of the VehicleApplication Type and Price
Medium Transport Commercial Vehicles /
Heavy Transport Commercial Vehicles
& Trailer Combination
3rd Licence Plates (Stickers) Only– 65.38 INR
Damage Both Plate– 823.85 INR
Damage Front Plate-431.54 INR
Damage Rear Plate– 457.69 INR
Complete HSRP Set-548.7 INR
Light Motor Vehicles / Passenger Cars3rd Licence Plates (Stickers) Only– 65.38 INR
Damage Both Plate– 769.97 INR
Damage Front Plate-404.6 INR
Damage Rear Plate– 430.75 INR
Complete HSRP Set-513.3 INR
3 Wheeler (Passenger & Goods)
& Invalid Carriages
3rd Licence Plates (Stickers) Only– 65.38 INR
Damage Both Plate– 325.59 INR
Damage Front Plate-182.42 INR
Damage Rear Plate– 208.56 INR
Complete HSRP Set-233.64 INR
TractorDamage Both Plate– 260.16 INR
Damage Front Plate– 117.03 INR
Damage Rear Plate– 143.16 INR
Complete HSRP Set-173.46 INR
2 WheelerDamage Both Plate– 260.16 INR
Damage Front Plate– 117.03 INR
Damage Rear Plate– 143.16 INR
Complete HSRP Set-173.46 INR

Reschedule the Appointment for the HSRP Punjab

For rescheduling the appointment, the candidates must visit the official site of the HSRP Punjab, which directs you to the homepage from there you have to choose the option for rescheduling. Then the new page will display on your screen, in which you have to choose the RTA/SDM details, and entered the Registration Number, then tap the Go option. By following this process you can easily reschedule your HSRP appointment. The page of the reschedule will be seen like this :


Track status of HSRP Punjab

To track the application status of the HSRP Punjab you have to follow the steps which are given below:-

  • You have to visit the official site of HSRP, then the homepage will open.
  • Then tap to the Track Status option.
  • After clicking on the option, the new page will open, in which you have to fill either Invoice No., or Registration No. to get the HSRP status.
  • Then click on the Submit option.
  • On the next page, the details of the application will display on your screen.

How to Reprint The Invoice Of HSRP?

The process to reprint the HSRP Punjab invoice is simple you have to visit the official site of HSRP Punjab, and then click on the Reprint Invoice, then on the new page, you have to enter the details of the registration number or the Invoice Number. Then the slip will be display on your screen.


Generate duplicate HSRP Punjab receipt

In this process you have visited the Agros site of Punjab, then tap to the Generate duplicate HSRP Receipt, then after you have to enter the registration number the receipt will display on your screen.


HSRP Punjab Fitment address

The location is given in the below image:


BSES- Bharat Stages Emission Standards

BSES is the norm that has been introduced by the Govt. In India, in which the emission of pollution has been measured as per the type of Fuel. There are five types of BSES which are BSI, BSII, BSIII, BSIV & BS-VI.

TYPE OF BSComposition
BS IEmission of Carbon monoxide- 2.72 g/km
Hydro carbons+Nitrogen Oxides-  0.97 g/km
Respirable suspended particulate matter- 0.14
BS IIEmission of Carbon monoxide- 2.2 g/km
Hydro carbons+Nitrogen Oxides-  0.50 g/km
Respirable suspended particulate matter- 0.08
BS IIIEmission of Carbon monoxide- 0.64 g/km
Hydro carbons+Nitrogen Oxides-  0.56 g/km
Nitrous oxide-0.50 g/km
BS IVEmission of Carbon monoxide- 0.50 g/km
Hydro carbons+Nitrogen Oxides-  0.30 g/km
Nitrous oxide-0.25 g/km
BS VIEmission of Carbon monoxide- 1.0 g/km
Hydro carbons+Nitrogen Oxides-  0.16 g/km
Respirable suspended particulate matter- 0.05

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Key Details of the HRSP Punjab

Here some of the key features of the HSRP, through which you will get an overview of the whole topic, the features are listed below:-

  • You can apply for the HRSP through the STC.
  • HRSP consists of a unique serial number, which was embedded by using a laser.
  • The snap-lock of the HSRP cannot be opened.
  • A chromium-based hologram was inscribed by using the pressure machine, to the HSRP, which is also called a color-coding sticker.
  • All the numbers were written by using the number color paint.
  • The sticker contains the details of the registration no., chassis & engine number.
  • In HSRP the GPS chip was embedded, through which police can easily track the vehicle.
  • Through HSRP the details of the owner will also be extracted.
  • HSRP is an aluminum-based plate, which can neither be broken nor be uprooted, and it was bolted with high pressure so it cannot be opened or removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HRSP mandatory in all over India ?

Yes, it is mandatory as per the guidelines of the MoRTH with color code sticker.

In case the HSRP was damaged, so is it possible to apply for the new one?

In case if the HSRP has been damaged, you have to bring that to the DTO office, and from there you can apply for the new plate.

How HSRP is important to secure the vehicle?

The HSRP consists the laser No., Snap Lock, Reflective sheet, Standard format, which keep your vehicle safe and secure.

In case the HSRP has been lost, so can I apply for the replacement?

If this happens, your first step should be to register the FIR at the nearest police station, then you have to take the copy of the FIR to the DTO office, and then you can apply for the replacement.

Is there any fine if vehicle do not have HSRP?

Yes, if it is found that the vehicle doesn’t consist of an HSRP plate, they charged is about 5k to 6k, or in case you have applied for HSRP then you can also show the receipt of it.

Why color code sticker is mandatory?

The color code sticker shows the fuel type of the vehicle, which means that vehicle is diesel, petrol, or CNG based.

What do you understand by the term HSRP?

The HSRP is the High Security Plates, which used to keep your vehicle save and secure.

Who introduced the phenomena of HSRP?

In 2001, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway i.e., MORTH introduced HSRP and make it mandatory for all the States.

Is that any possibility to cancel the ordered HSRP?

Yes, if you want to cancel the order of the High Security Registration Plate.

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