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The Government has now mandated the use of the High Security Registration Plate (HSRP). Previously, there were laws regarding the HSR Number plate. However, no strict actions were taken by the authorities but this time the Government is all geared up to penalize the vehicle without the HSRP. The applicants who have not yet applied for the HSRP in the state of Haryana can now refer to this complete passage to get the complete information regarding the steps to avail of the HSRP Haryana. The details of the High Security Number Plate are provided in this article for the state of Haryana.

The HSRP is an unattachable part of the New Motor Act. According to this, it is important to have a registration plate on the vehicle so that the identification of the card can be done. To make it easier for the applicant to avail of the hsrp.

Under the CMVR 1989 Rule 50, it is essential for the vehicle owner to fix the HSR Plate on the front and rear side of the vehicle. The article all the important details about how to book Haryana HS Registration Plate online, Appointment Slot, Status, Track Your Order, and various other essential details.

HSRP Haryana Book Online

With a regular rise in the number of vehicles in the country, there is also a rise in car theft. Moreover, the number of crimes and accidents due to theft is increasing day by day, due to this situation, the central government has instructed each state to install high-security number plates. In coming times the High Security Number Plate will be strictly followed all over the nation.

In order to protect the citizens and vehicles of the country, the State Government has taken the initiative to install high-security number plates. Through the initiative, all the vehicle owners have to fix HSR Plate in their vehicles. The objectives are to provide vehicle safety to the citizen through the implementation of the electronic number plate.

As you know that with increasing population, the population of vehicles is also increasing, with which their safety has become even more important. Due to this situation, this scheme has been started for the safety of vehicles in the capital. For other information related to the high security registration plate scheme, study this article fully.


Features of the High Security Number Plate

Have a look over some of the interesting features of the HSRP on the list provided below.

  • A hologram circle will be inscribed on the chromium base of HSRP Haryana.
  • The numbers on these plates are raised and tightened with stumps.
  • Unique serial numbers are inserted by laser on the high-security number plate.
  • Its snap lock cannot be opened.
  • State Transport Corporation has provided the facility to apply online for the installation of high security number plates.
  • The HRSP will be a chromium-based hologram, which is a sticker.
  • The information about the engine and chassis number of the vehicle will be displayed on its sticker.
  • Color Code- Fuel Strikers will be installed on the high security plate.
  • The number on this plate is written with the number paint and the sticker is attached to the pressure machine.
  • On these plates, an under-pin number will be attached to your vehicle, this pin will be locked from both sides after grabbing the plate from your vehicle.
  • In addition, this plate is made of alumunium, which cannot be easily uprooted, broken, opened and removed.
  • After the implementation of this scheme in all the states, the same number of plates will be seen in the entire country.
  • The number can be availed from the dealership if you buy a new vehicle.
  • All the information of the HSRP vehicle owner will come by computer with a single click.
  • HSRP will be a dynamic number plate, this plate will be equipped with a GPS based chip.
  • Police control room and transport office can track any vehicle through GPS based chip.
  • Safeguards such as HSRP laser mark and hologram have also been put in place to prevent counterfeiting of duplicate plate making.
  • A 7-digit laser code is inscribed on the high-security plate.

Objectives of HSRP Haryana

  • Vehicle theft crimes are increasing in the state, due to which crimes like murder are also encouraged.
  • Vehicle owners have to keep many types of paper with them but through the services applicant can get relief from it.
  • It is impossible to meet the vehicle in case of theft, but through this scheme, the stolen vehicle can be tracked.
  • All types of vehicles will be provided security under the scheme.
  • The basic objective of this scheme is to protect against vehicle-related crime, accidents, and theft, etc.
  • Vehicles will be provided with convenience and safety through an HSRP plate.
  • The number of vehicles in the country is increasing daily, due to which it has become necessary to increase their safety.

Benefits of the HSRP

  • The HSRP will provide a uniformity in the number plate fixed on the vehicles.
  • Applicants can easily opt for online payment and can get the rid from standing in long queues for the HSRP.
  • The home delivery service for the HSRP for some of the selected region in the state is also available.
  • Easy tracking for the order through the official portal.
  • In case you want to cancel the application for HSRP, the authority will refund the amount paid by applicants during the booking.
  • All the applicants residing in the state of Haryana and owns a vehicle can easily apply for HSRP.

HSRP – Complete Overview

To sum up all the information provided in this article, we have provided the overview on the table below. The overview provided in the table below will help to get the important details concerning the HSRP.

AuthorityMinistry of Road Transport and Highway Department
Official Portalhttps://morth.nic.in/
CategoryHSRP Services
Vehicle CoveredBoth old and New
HSRP Haryana Registration Amount Four Wheeler – Rs 600- 1100/- (Vary as per vehicle category)
Two Wheeler – Rs 300- 400/-
Size of the Plate 1 mm special grade aluminium Plate
HSRP Haryana RegistrationActive
HSRP Haryana Home Delivery Available Now
HSRP Application Mode Both Offline and Online
Mode to applicationOnline and Offline
Customer Care9821 498 888
Location Haryana

What is HSRP?

High Security Registration Plates are the number plates that are provided by the RTO Office. The number plate has a hologram fixed on it which has the chassis and engine number of the vehicle. The HSRP is made of premium quality aluminum sheet which cannot be Uprooted, broken, opened, and removed easily. The number plate has been developed so that the details of the card can be easily known.

Colour Coding for HSRP Haryana

The process of installing stickers on all vehicles has started since October 2, 2020. Stickers will be installed in HSRP as per fuel, which are provided below. Various types of color stickers have been fixed for Haryana High Security Number Plate. The basic purpose of installing stickers of different colors is to find out the type of fuel of the vehicle from a distance. The colour coding also helps to identify the variant of then vehicle whether it is petrol, cng, diesel or electric.

HSRP Colour Coding
Petrol/CNGLight Blue Colour
DieselOrange Colour
Electric VehicleGrey Colour

Required eligibility to avail HSRP Haryana

There is no certain eligibility to avail the High Security Registration plate form the authority. the applicants must go through some of the important factors that are required to get the HSRP in the state of Haryana.

  • The online application is the first step to apply for the HSRP if you are availing it online. Applicant must ensure that the details they are providing on the registration form must match with the correct details of their vehicle.
  • The type of car will be eligible for the particular colour sticker for which the appliant has to apply online.
  • Applicants must have the Registration number, Chassis number and Engine number of their vehicle.
  • Applicant must have a fuel driven vehicle.
  • HSRP is currently mandatory for the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and NCR. Therefore, applicant looking to apply for the HSRP must apply from their particular state.
  • Applicant residing in the India can avail of the HSR Plate.

Essential Documents Required

Aadhar cardE mail IDPassport size photo
Engine NumberComplete papers of the VehicleResidential Proof
Identity cardChassis NumberMobile Number

How to apply for High Security Registration Plate with Colour Sticker?

Applicants who are eagerly looking to apply for the HSRP can read the steps below on which we have provided all the details to extract the high security number plate with colour sticker.

  • Visit the official portal of the Haryana High Security Number Plate Online Portal i.e. hsrphr.com
  • The official page of the HSRP Haryana will appear on the screen.
  • Now click on the links i.e. High Security Number Plate with Colour Sticker as shown below.
  • After you click on the links the registration page will appear on the screen.
  • The steps to enter the information in order to avail the HSRP is divided into 6 parts.
  • Get the complete information regarding the steps to fill the each part under the Haryana HSRP.
Booking DetailsOn this section, applicant has to mentioned the details of their vehicle which includes the Vehicle Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number and Security Captcha given on the booking page.
After filling the details validate it and click on the tab naming as Click Here
Fitment LocationThe fitment location is meany by the spots where applicants can visit and fix the HSRP. The portal provides an ease to the applicant so that they can easily select then the choice for nearby spots to fix the High Security Number Plate.
Appointment SlotThe time and place of fixing the HSRP will be provided here. In this section, the applicant can book their appointment slot to get the HSRP.
Booking Summary The registration part contains the summary of the booking made by the applicant. The booking summary will have all the details of your vehicle.
Verify Details and PayApplicant can refer to the overview table to know the pricing for the HSRP. The booking section provides the applicant to verify the details and to proceed with the payment. Applicants are requested to validate their details before proceeding with the online payment. The payment can be done through credit/debit card and Internet banking.
Download ReceiptAfter the completion of the final payment, applicant can download the receipt and applicant must ensure that they carry the receipt to the fitment location in order to get the HSRP.

The same procedure is followed for availing the colour sticker for your Vehicle.

List of Pin code Available for Home Delivery

The applicant can also avail of home delivery for fixing the HSRP. Currently, the service is available only to some parts of the state. However, it will be implemented in all the districts in a due course of time. Till then have a look over the list of pin codes and areas where the home delivery of HSRP is available. The option of the home delivery can be selected while booking HSRP for your vehicle.

Availability for HSRP Home delivery at Gurgaon Region

LocationPin code
Basai Road122001
New Colony122001
Palam Road122015
Palam Vihar122017
Sector -45122003
Sohna Adda122001
South City-i122001
South City-ii122018

Availability for HSRP Home delivery at Faridabad Region

LocationPin code
Escortsnagar Faridabad121007
Factory Area Faridabad121001
Faridabad City121002
Faridabad NIT121001
Faridabad Sector 12121007
Faridabad Sector 15121007
Faridabad Sector 16121002
Faridabad Sector 16121002
Faridabad Sector 16a121002
Faridabad Sector 18121002
Faridabad Sector 22121005
Faridabad Sector 29121008
Faridabad Sector 3121004
Faridabad Sector 7121006
Faridabad Sector 8121006
Faridabad Sector 9121006

How to Track your HSRP Order Details?

Applicants who have enrolled for the HSRP can get track the status of the HSRP order details to know the status of their application to avail the HSRP. Applicants who wants to get the details of their order can refer to the steps provided below.

  • Visit the official portal of the Haryana HSRP i.e. hsrphr.com
  • The homepage of the HSRP Haryana will flash on the screen.
  • Applicant will find the Track your Order link on the homepage.
  • Enter your Order No., Vehicle Registration no., Captcha on the login screen as shown above.
  • Tap on the Search Button after entering the details asked in the HSRP Track your order search form.
  • Thus, applicant can view the details of their booking.

How to Order HSRP Cancellation and Refund

The applicant can cancel their order and can have refund for their transaction they have made to avail the HSRP. The applicants who are looking for the procedure to avail refund and cancel the HSRP Order can refer to the steps provided below.

  • Visit the official website of HSRP for Haryana i.e. hsrphr.com
  • On the homepage tap on the link naming as Cancel Order.
  • Now, search your application through filling the details asked in the application form.
  • Fill the order number, registration number followed with the captcha code.
  • Tap on search button and the application will appear on the screen.
  • Click on cancel the order and the refund will be initiated through the portal.

What is Haryana HSRP Receipt Validity?

The validity of the receipt that is valid for 15 days from the date of appointment. Within this time period the enforcement authority cannot fine challan on the vehicle regarding the HSRP. The details of the Receipt validity can be easily checked from the the steps provided below.

  • Reach to the official web portal of the Haryana HSRP.
  • On the homepage, click on the link naming as Receipt Validity.
  • Tap on the link and fill the details on the search application which appears on the screen.
  • After entering the details on the search application form. Click on the search button.
  • The receipt validity for your vehicle will appear on the screen.
  • Take a copy of the receipt and keep it safe till it is valid.

Important Links

Check for Home DeliveryTrack Your OrderCancel Order
Receipt ValidityAbout HSRP Refund and Cancellation Policy

HSRP Haryana- FAQs

Can I order the home delivery of HSRP in the state of Haryana?

Currently, the facility of home delivery is applicable to some regions. Applicants can get the list of eligible regions for home delivery in the article. The authority will extent the region for home delivery very soon.

Do I have to upload all the documents of my vehicle in the portal to get HSRP?

In the online application process of the High Security Registration Plate, the condition of uploading the vehicle registration certificate and ID proof has been removed. To apply for HSRP Color Coded Striker, now you only have to enter the engine and chassis number of the vehicle.

How much fine will be impose on a vehicle which do not have HSRP?

The enforcement authority will charge around Rs. 5000-6000/- for not having the HSRP. Applicants who have applied for the HSRP can show the Registration receipt to the authority.

What is the use of colour code on my vehicle?

The colour coding will provided so as to maintain the uniformity in the type of vehicle. Through the colour coding provided in the vehicle one can easily differentiate whether it is a Petrol or Diesel or Electric driven car.

Is there a provision to cancel the order for HRSP?

Yes, the applicant can cancel the order for the HSRP. Please refer to the steps provided for the cancellation of the order in the article.

Will I get my money refunded if i cancel the order?

Yes, the authority will return the amount paid by the applicants. To know the complete guidelines most real to the cancellation and refunds, please refer to the links provided in the table.

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