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HP HSRP Number: HSRP is now mandatory in India for all motor vehicles sold before April 2019 as per the amendment made in Rule 50 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. All the states have enforced this rule and most of them has started online booking for HSRP. Himachal Pradesh is one of the states where HSRP booking can be done in online mode. There are two online portals for HP HSRP Number Plate booking in Himachal.

Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) is the department responsible for framing rules and catering to all the activities regarding road transport in the state. HRTC has appointed Link Utsav Ventures Pvt. Ltd for implementation of HSRP in Himachal Pradesh through its online portal hsrphp.com. However, vehicle owners here can also book their HSRP on bookmyhsrp.com.

HP HSRP Number Plate

HSRPs are tamper-proof and highly secured number plates unlike previous regular number plates. As several states like Delhi, HP etc. has issued deadlines for HSRP and started imposing fine we can see motorist rushing to register for HSRP. Himachal Pradesh government is also likely to issue a deadline for installation of HSRP in all the eligible vehicles. So, it is important for all vehicle owners in HP to obtain their HSRP as soon as possible.   

Obtaining an HSRP is quite in Himachal Pradesh as compared to states other states. This is because here you do not have to visit your RTO, Dealer or any other person to get your HSRP. You can book it online just by visiting the official HSRP portal launched by the state transport department.

Get all the information about HP HSRP here in this article post. Those who are looking for information on how to get HSRP in Himachal Pradesh can go through this article. Moving ahead in this post they are going to get information on how to book online HSRP, Color stickers, documents required, application fee, status, return, replacement policy etc.

HP HSRP Number Plate

HP HSRP Online Booking- A Brief

TitleHP HSRP Online Booking
Ministry ConcernedMinistry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India
Concerned Rule and Act Rule 50 of CMVR 1989
State  Himachal Pradesh
Article CategoryHSRP Apply
Concerned DepartmentHimachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC), Govt. of Himachal Pradesh
Mode of HSRP BookingOnline
HPHSRP Booking portalbookmyhsrp.com hsrphp.com
Online Booking StatusActive
Implemented byRosemerta Safety Systems Pvt. Ltd (bookmyhsrp.com)
Link Utsav Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (hsrphp.com)

Features of HP HSRP

Have a quick look at the important features of HP HSRP listed here-

  • HSRP Plate- This High Security Registration plate is basically a solid unit which is made up of 1.0 mm aluminium adhering to o AIX 159:2019 or ISO:7591 standards, as updated on time-to-time basis. It has embossed borders and its edges are also rounded to avoid injuries.
  • Reflective Sheets- HSRP is laminated with a retro reflective sheet as per AIS-159 standards. HSRP is guaranteed to be imperishable for a period of minimum of 5 years.
  • Hologram- To protect plate against counterfeiting a chromium-based-holograms is hot stamped on it. No other adhesive labels or stickers are allowed.
  • IND- Plate bears a blue coloured letter “IND” on the extreme left of the plate. It is can integral part of the plate as indicates INDIA- National Identity of the vehicle and Standardization.
  • Snap Locks- The plates are fastened to the vehicles with the recognised snap lock fitting system. These locks are non-removable and non-usable and enhance the security of number plate.
  • Laser Code- HSRP also bear a laser branded consecutive alpha numeric identification number/code of minimum 9 digits. This lazer code get linked with the details of the vehicle.  
  • Size of Plates- HSRP Number plates comes in different sizes and the allocation of a HSRP depends on the basis of categories of the vehicle. Check details below-
Type of VehicleSize of HSRP issued
Two and Three Wheelers200 X100 mm & 285 X 45 mm
Light Motor Vehicles Passenger cars340 X 200 mm and 500 X 120 mm
Medium Commercial Vehicles, Trailer combination and Heavy Commercial Vehicles340 X 200mm
  • Third -Registration Plate/ Coded Stickers- It is not a solid number plate but a hologram sticker which is chromium based self-destructive sticker and is to be affixed on the left-hand side of the wind-shield of the vehicle.These color-coded stickers are only for the motorised vehicles having windshields.

Identification of Color-Coded Sticker for Vehicle

Customers have to book color-coded stickers of third registration plates on their vehicles on the basis of type of the vehicles. A colour-sticker indicates the fuel type and BS of the vehicle. Check how to identify colour-stickers for vehicles-  

HP HSRP Color category
Fuel TypeBharat Stage (BS) VehicleSticker Background Color
Diesel VehiclesBS III & IVOrange
Petrol & CNG VehiclesBS III & IVLight Blue
Other VehicleBS III & IVGrey
Diesel VehiclesBS VIOrange with Green Strip
Petrol & CNG VehiclesBS VILight Blue with Green Strip
Other VehiclesBS VIGrey with Green Strip

Importance of HP HSRP

HSRP has been made mandatory in all the vehicles as it is highly secured and is beneficial for both vehicle owner as well as for the transport department and government. Check the advantages of installing HSRP in vehicles listed here-

  • As HSRP is mandatory in every part of India, its facilitates uniformity in showcasing of vehicle registration plate. The size and shape of number plates across the country will be same irrespective of states.
  • HSRP helps in gathering vehicle registration data with ease and this helps law enforcement agencies to manage traffic effectively.
  •  HSRP also help concerned agencies to identity and catch vehicles running with forged registration number plates. This will lead to reduction in crimes associated with vehicles like vehicle theft, duplicate number plate etc.
  • HSRP helps police to trace the actual owner of the vehicle in case of hit & run or in other crimes. This helps in curbing the use of motor vehicles for different criminal and anti-social acts.  
  • HSRP also helps in eliminating illegal sale of vehicles in black market
  • HSRP ensures the safety and security of the vehicle and develop a sense of security among the vehicle owners.
  • HSRP helps in increasing the revenue of states by preventing tax evasions.

HP HSRP Online Booking

HP HSRP Number Plate booking in Himachal Pradesh can be done online. Vehicle owner do not have to rush to dealers or RTOs to get their HSRP or do not have to stand in long queues to get the same. They can book it online and get it installed on the scheduled date. There are two portals through which motorists can book their appointment.

HSRP is compulsory for all the old vehicle and new vehicles. Old vehicles are those which were sold before April 2019 and new are sold after aforesaid dates. Although new vehicle which are sold now or sold after the cut-off date are delivered to customers with a pre-installed HSRP by the dealers but in case if there is no HSRP on the new vehicle, then customers can obtain it from their dealers. Whereas in case of old vehicles in HP, customers have to book their HSRP online.

How to book HP HSRP Online?

High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) in Himachal Pradesh can be obtained by online booking. Customers do not have to visit the HSRP dealer to get an appointment. Using online portal, they can book appointment while sitting at their homes and visit the fixation centre on the scheduled date. Even, if they wish they can get home delivery of HSRP/ Color coded stickers.

Those who have not installed HSRP on their can go through the step-by-step process shared below for online appointment of HSRP.  


Online booking of HSRP on Bookmyhsrp portal include 6 stages. Earlier there were 12 steps which were made the appointment process lengthy and inconvenient for the users. Now, as the appointment process has been cut-sort it has made online booking process simple and convenient for everyone. HP HSRP online booking process is explained below in detail-  

  • Step I- Booking details
    Open the official website of Bookmyhsrp. Link for the same is shared below.
    – Now, on homepage click on “Book MY HSRP” tab or directly on the HSRP with Color Coded Sticker icon as shown in the image below.
    – Now, booking details page will open. Fill all the details with utmost care in the space provided. Select State from the drop down button and similarly provide other vehicle details. Once filled click on Click Here link.
    HP hsrp booking process
    – Now, fill other details of the vehicle and proceed further by clicking on “Next” button. With this step I will be completed
  • Step II- Fitment Location
    – Now, in this step, you users have to select the delivery option among home delivery or dealer appointment. As home delivery is currently not available in HP, you will get only one option of dealer appointment. Click on that link
    – Now, enter the PIN code of your district and a list of all the available dealers will appear. Select dealer.
    – Details of dealer and charges incurred will display. Confirm dealer.
  • Step III- Appointment Slot
    – On this page, you have to select appointment slot as per your preference. Click on the “Confirm & Proceed” tab.
    HSRP HP Online booking
  • Step IV- Booking Summary
    – Booking summary page will appear. Check all the details and proceed further.
    HP HSRP online appointment booking
  • Step V- Verification of Details & Payment
    – At this stage, you have to verify appointment details and make payment.
    Himachal pradesh hsrp online booking
  • Step VI- Receipt Download
    – After successful payment of the application fee you have to download the appointment slip and payment receipt. Do not forget to carry these to the dealer’s place on the day of appointment.


HSRP Booking in Himachal Pradesh can also be done through hphsrp portal. On this portal, users get all the necessary information about HP HSRP such as its features, benefits, application status, MoRTH guidelines, HSRP rules etc.

HP HSRP Color Sticker Booking

Those who already have HSRP installed on their vehicle and wish to apply for color stickers only can also apply for the same on bookmyhsrp portal. They have to follow the given instructions-

  • Open BookmyHSRP portal.
  • Click on “Only Colour Sticker” link shown on the homepage.
  • Fill all the booking details.
  • Select location
  • Select appointment slot
  • Check booking summary, verify details and make payment
  • Download receipt

How to track HP HSRP Appointment Status

Appointment status can be traced on both the portals. Check steps below-

Appointment status on Bookmyhsrp Appointment status on hsrphp
– Open portal
– Hit “Track Your Order” tab
– Enter details as asked and submit
– Application status will appear
– Check details and download the same
– Open official portal
– Click on “Check your HSRP Status” tab
– Now enter required details and proceed
– Application status will display
– Check HP HSRP appointment status

HP HSRP Order Cancellation & Refund Policy

In case you wish to cancel your HSRP order you can cancel it. Check the important points related to the cancellation and refund policy of HP HSRP mentioned below-

  • To cancellation of HP HSRP through online portal is possible.
  • Refund is only provided when the order is cancelled within 24 hours of the order.
  • After 24 hours, one can cancel order but will get no refund.
  • Refund amount will be transferred back to the applicants accounts through the same mode by which payment was made.
  • Customers must shared their reason of refund.
hsrp hp online booking order refund policy

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Contact Details

For queries related to HSRP in Himachal Pradesh, citizens can contact HSRP implementing Authorities in the state or State transport department or the concerned RTOs. The contact details of all the RTOs in Himachal can be checked Here


Which department caters to HSRP in Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) caters to the transport related activities and HSRP in the state.

How to book appointment for HSRP in Himachal Pradesh?

HSRP booking is online in Himachal Pradesh. Motor vehicle owners can book by visiting official HSRP booking portals of the state. Links are shared above in this article.

Can we apply using HP HSRP online booking  portal on my smartphone or is it possible only on desktop?

Yes, you can also book hsrp on your mobile phone by visiting the online HSRP portal.

What should I do if I am not able to book HSRP online?

In this case, you can contact concerned RTO or motor vehicle dealer.

What details are required to book appointment for HSRP in Himachal Pradesh?

Applicants are required to provide their vehicle registration details such registration no, chassis number etc.

Is home delivery of HSRP in Himachal Pradesh is available?

As of now, home delivery facility is not available in Himachal Pradesh.

Can we cancle HSRP HP order?

Yes, HSRP order can be cancelled within 24 hours of the order placement.

How can we track application status of our HSRP booking?

Application status can be traced online by entering order status or application number.

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