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The government of Delhi has made it mandatory to install all vehicles with HSRP number Plates before the deadline issued. The Transport Minister stated under motorist vehicle rule that all vehicles either commercial or non-commercial have to be installed with the HSRP number plate. A huge amount of fine will be charged from people whose vehicle lack an HSRP number plate. Delhi HSRP number plate can be booked both online and offline in Delhi. The government has now made a single website available for tackling all the service regarding HSRP.

Delhi HSRP Number Plate

The primary cause in order to set up HSRP is to prevent vehicles from theft. Recently, HSRP came into the limelight after many citizens were fined for not having an HSRP license plate in Delhi. More than 200 Challans were made in Delhi which at initial phase was Rs.10,000 and later deduced to Rs.5,000.

Delhi HSRP Number plate

Delhi HSRP Number plate was first introduced in 2nd October 2018 which due to covid was put on hold for a while. Now, it has been activated again with more strict rules ensuring people to follow the process.

What is HSRP?

High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) is basically a tamper-proof aluminium number plate that is made in order to reduce the increasing number of fraud and crimes related to vehicles. The HSRP plate has various high-level features which have thus enhanced the level of security. High-Security Registration Plate is made up of aluminium with a hologram, contains a permanent identification number laser branded on it. This makes the plate easier to scan and unable to be copied. The much-needed security step is that the engine and chassis number is electronically connected to the centralized database.

Delhi HSRP Updated Features

What is Colour-coded Sticker?

The colour-coded sticker is also referred to as the third registration plate and is equally important as the number plate. It tells the fuel type of the vehicle and the amount of emission in the air by the vehicle. The sticker contains information such as registration number, registering authority, PIN which is laser embossed on the sticker, engine number, chassis number, and a green line if the vehicle is BS6 which follows a new set of rules set up by the government. It is needed for vehicles with windshields only. Thus not needed in two-wheelers.

Delhi HSRP third registration plate
Delhi HSRP color coded sticker

Importance of installing HSRP?

– The HSRP is electronically connected to the centralized database thus helping in identifying the car that is stolen or used otherwise
-The HSRP number is verified by the authority before installing on the vehicle.
-The characters and number being laser coded makes scan easier and altering tough.
– It ensures in reducing crime related to vehicles with these through and through measures.

What does HSRP composed of?

The HSRP is composed of –
-Front License Plate
-Back License Plate
-Third registration plate also known as a colour-coded sticker.

Delhi HSRP Number Plate: Overview

The High-Security Registration Plate is basically a tamper-proof plate that is installed with two snap locks that can’t be opened and replaced. Because once the lock or plate is broken they can’t be reused hence, a new HSRP plate is to be ordered which comes in pair. Thus, ensuring safety from misuse of number plate and car.

NameHigher Security Registration Plate (HSRP)
हाई सिक्योरिटी नंबर प्लेट
Introduced byMinistry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH)
Concerned State Authority Transport Department, Government of Delhi
Booking StatusOffline booking- Active
Online booking- Active
Offline booking at In all the concerned RTO’s and 236 dealers authorised by the Delhi government
For vehiclesAll the old vehicles sold before April 2019
Vehicles typesAll vehicles
Fine Charged Up to Rs.5500/-
MandatoryIn Every state of India
Home Delivery ChargesRs.100/-

Decoding the features of Delhi HSRP Number Plate

The HSRP plate is upgraded with efficient and effective new features make it a standardized plate all across India. Some of the efficient features assembled in the license plate are:

Delhi HSPR composistion

Let’s start from left to right in the HSRP plate for decoding it.

  • First is the plate is made of aluminium which is resistant to corrosion and is an environmentally friendly metal.
  • The left corner starts with a hologram based on chromium that is 20mm in length and height. It is put on by hot stamping on the plate. The hologram is of Ashoka Chakra which describes the dynamism of a peaceful change.
  • Just below the hologram of Ashoka Chakra “IND” is written. The IND is an abbreviation of India as IND is an international code for the country India. It is basically countries identification symbol.
  • Then, below the IND acronym, a VIN number lies which is a unique vehicle identification number or you can say it is a permanent identification number (PIN) that is lasered on the number plate. It neither can be washed away nor destroyed by other means. VIN/PIN number is different for every vehicle thus ensuring safety.
  • The first two alphabets such as “DL” describes the name of the region or place where the vehicle is registered to.
  • The next characters of the license plate show the district from where the vehicle is registered.
  • The last four numbers are the unique code which is different for all the vehicle.
  • All the letters and number are laser coded easy for scanning.
  • The Plate is made to be a reflective sheet so it’s easier to read the license plate at any time of day for the officials.
  • Finally, the plates are fixed with a snap-lock. The snap lock is a lock that is neither removable nor reusable other than once.
  • Then remains the third registration plate, it is applied on the windshield of the vehicles at the top left corner showing fuel type of vehicle and other important information.
  • The third registration will have a 1 cm green strip if the vehicle follows BS 6 emission norms set up by the government for the vehicles.
  • All the characters of the HSRP license plate will follow the same standard alphabet format for all the vehicles.

Delhi HSRP Number Plate Booking

For Vehicles before April 2019

Online Mode Of Booking Delhi HSRP number plate Only 6 Steps away.

  • Firstly, the applicant needs to visit the website for booking the HSRP number i.e. bookmyhsrp or siam for Delhi
  • Then, click on the BOOK-MY-HSRP tab from the header option.
  • Then Click on the HSRP number with the colour sticker.
Delhi HSRP number plate booking
  • Then follow the given 6 steps one by one-
    • Booking Details
    • Fitment Location
    • Appointment Slot
    • Booking summary
    • Verification of details and payment
    • Receipt Download
Delhi HSRP booking Steps
  • In the first step, fill in the booking details including vehicle information such as
    • State Name
    • Registration No
    • Chassis No
    • Engine No
    • Captcha Mode
      After filling in all the details click on “CLICK HERE” option for the next step.
  • After clicking on click here there appears two sets of information to fill
    • Vehicle Details– Bharat Stage of vehicle(BS), Vehicle Registration, Fuel Type, Maker, Vehicle Type, etc
Delhi hsrp vehicle registration
  • Contact Information– Name of owner, mobile number, billing address, state-UP, City, GST No etc
    • Then, click on NEXT button for the next step.
Delhi hsrp conatct details

Fitman Location

  • The second step basically contains two steps –
Delhi hsrp Fitman location
  • Home delivery – for the home delivery option extra charge has to be paid which may vary from 100 to 250 according to state.
    • Dealer Appointment- No amount is to be paid for this option.
Delhi hsrp dealer appointment

If want home delivery then proceed by filling the information and selecting the related dealer. Then, click on Confirm option.

Delhi hsrp dealer list

Appointment Slot

  • After dealers confirmation, the next step of the appointment slot will appear on your screen
    • Here, choose the date and time accordingly. Everything will be shown from the availability of the date and time slot.
    • Once selected the slot, click on the “Confirm Proceed” button.
Delhi hsrp booking slot

Booking Summary

  • This step provides a summary of the details you filled in for booking. After checking the details, click on the “Confirm and Proceed” option to move to next step.
Delhi hsrp booking details

Verify Details and Pay

Payment details Delhi hsrp
  • All the details and payment information will be provided in this step. Verify all the details and then click on PAY ONLINE option.
Booking summary Delhi HSRP
Dwlhi hsrp Payment confirmation
  • Then, select on the payment option and complete payment process.
Delhi HSRP payment option

Download Sticker

  • After confirmation of Payment, download the payment receipt.
Delhi HSRP finally summary

Booking for Colour Sticker

It follows the same step as above so fill in the relevant details and book the sticker.

Offline Mode of Booking Delhi HSRP Number Plate

The government has authorized about 236 vehicle dealers in Delhi. You can contact any of the dealers for booking an HSRP number plate. The government has introduced every single method to make it easy for people to get HSRP number plate in all respective ways. Some of the offline methods are-

  • Government-authorized Dealers
    The people can go to any of the listed authorized dealers for getting Delhi HSRP number plate.
  • Private Automobile Dealers
    The people can go to the dealer from where they have brought their vehicle and ask for the HSRP number plate booking.
  • Regional RTO’s (Regional Transport Office)
    The regional offices of RTO for Delhi HSRP number plate are provided below:
DL-01 Mall Road RTO OfficeDL-02 Tilak Marg RTO Office
Dl-03 Sheikh Sarai RTO OfficeDL-04 Janakpuri RTO Office
DL-05 Loni Road RTO OfficeDL-06 Sarai Kale Khan RTO Office
DL-07 Mayur Vihar RTO OfficeDL-08 Wazir Pur RTO Office
DL-09Janakpuri-Palam RTO OfficeDl-10 Raja Garden RTO Office
DL-11 Rohini RTO OfficeDL-12 Vasant Vihar RTO Office
DL-13 Surajmal Vihar/Shahdara RTO Office

The Delhi HSRP number plate booking is for only those people who have bought their vehicle before April 2019. The Government has made HSRP mandatory for all vehicles irrespective of any criteria. The government has passed an order to all the dealers for providing an HSRP number plate with a sticker to all the buyers. Remember the cost of HSRP and Sticker is already added to the cars cost so they cannot ask money for booking of HSRP, keep it in mind.

Delhi HSRP Number Plate : How to Track Number Plate Order?

After booking the Delhi HSRP number plate, to check where has the order reached you can follow these steps:

  • Start by first going to the search engine and write bookmyhsrp.
  • Secondly, visit the website authorized by the Transport Department of Delhi i.e bookmyhsrp or siam
  • Additionally, on opening the website click on Track your Order option from the top right in the dashboard.
Delhi HSRP number plate track order
  • On clicking, next page will appear where details are to be fixed in order to view the Oder Status.
 Track order Delhi HSRP plate
  • The details are to be filled in:-
    • Order Number
    • Vehicles Registration Number
    • Captcha
  • Then, proceed by clicking on the search button.
  • The tracking status will be shown on the screen.
  • In case, its not shown on the screen, then after verification, the information will be sent to your email id by the authority

Additional Services

The various other services in regard to Delhi HSRP number plate which can be enquired through the portal are –

  • Through Book My HSRP portal:
    • Reschedule Appointment
    • Cancel Order
    • Receipt Validity
    • Check for Home Delivery
    • Reprint Receipt
    • Grievance Redressal
    • Latest Government Notification
  • Through SIAM portal:
    • Know your customer details

Contact Details

Book My HSRP Contact Details

For Delhi HSRP number plate enquiry8929722201
Email ID- customer care general
Email ID- Dealers grievance point
Grievance Redressal8979722203
Home delivery grievance8979722202
Email ID- Home delivery

Siam Contact Details

Contact detail011 47102010
Email ID for HSRP

Important Links

Book my hsrpClick here
Siam Click here
Delhi Transport DepartmentClick here
Direct link to track your orderClick here
Direct link to check your customer care detailClick here


What is the extended date for booking HSRP number plate ?

The High Court has ordered the Delhi government to extend the time duration for installing the HSRP number plate in Delhi. Therefore, the implementation has been put on hold.

If i have booked my HSRP number plate but have not installed it then can i still drive my car?

Yes, the process of implementation has been put on hold for the citizen to get the Delhi HSRP number plate. The notice was not made to make people panic.

Why HSRP has been made mandatory?

The HSRP is a standardized plate that is tamper-proof and is equipped with such features which makes it highly secure. Thus to reduce the crimes and misuse of vehicles HSRP is made mandatory.

How can i know if the number plate is original or not?

The HSRP number plate has a chromium-based hologram and laser coded characters and numbers with unique VIN connected electronically to the centralized database. These features help in identifying the originality of the HSRP plate.

Does all vehicles needs to install stickers ?

No, only vehicles that have windshield are required to install the colour sticker on their windshield. The two-wheelers don’t need to install stickers on the vehicles.

One of my front number plates got damaged in accident, can I order just one number plate?

No, the number plates are issued in pairs only. Order the new plate and install a whole new set by taking the previous one out.

The vehicle I brought is from another state but I have shifted to another state. How can I get HSRP number plate?

In this case, you need to contact the concerned RTO for help and advise.

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