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Chhattisgarh HSRP |Chhattisgarh Motor vehicle dealers has started providing motor vehicles with HSRP plate and 3rd registration stickers issued after April 2019. Presently, all vehicle owners have to get Chhattisgarh HSRP Number plates on their vehicles by July 2022 as per Central Government order. HSRP an innovative idea was introduced under the Central Government of India to enhance the security of the vehicles and transportation system.

High-security registration plates is a standardized registration number plate issued under RTO. Chhattisgarh HSRP number plate is to be requested from the automobile dealers or the authorized dealers or from the nearest RTO office. Chhattisgarh HSRP Online booking service is not available yet.


This article will provide you information regarding Chhattisgarh HSPR and how to book HSRP offline as well as online and other related information.

Gradually, all states are ensuring that the new vehicles (after April 2019) are sold with HSRP and sticker. HSRP is directly connected to your vehicle as HSRP is issued after the Digital registration from the RTO. All motor vehicles having old vehicles are applicable for HSRP. Many states have started imposing fine on the vehicle owners who doesn’t have HSRP license plate installed on their vehicle.

Chhattisgarh HSRP

Chhattisgarh HSRP online booking is not opened yet. But the gradual process of converting normal license plate to HSRP license plate is active in offline mode. There are only few states in which HRSP is booked online. In Chhattisgarh for obtaining an HSRP plate, one can visit the nearest RTO and book a slot for the vehicle and get an HSRP installed on their vehicles. HSRP can also be provided to vehicle owners by their private automobile authority from where the vehicle was brought.

What is HSRP?
HRSP is a newly introduced registration plate with upgraded features and increased security of vehicles with it. It has a laser VIN number on the plate with a hologram of Ashoka Chakra and IND. HSRP is electronically connected to the vehicle soon after it is put on the vehicle thus ensuring safety.

What is colour-coded third registration of plate?
The sticker is a color coded registration by which vehicle’s fuel type is shown. It also states the vehicles participation in emission of fuel particle in air. It is affixed only on the vehicles which have windshields in it. The sticker have the authority name from where it is registered, vehicle’s registration number, PIN and registration date of vehicle(First).

Sample image of color coded -stickers/ third registration plate-


Chhattisgarh HSRP :Overview

Chhattisgarh HSRP will also be available online to the citizen of Chhattisgarh. The HSRP is a High-Security Registration plate that is not easy to tamper with. Hence, helps in safeguarding from the misuse of the vehicle if stolen.

NameHSRP (High- Security Registration Plates) (हाई सिक्योरिटी नंबर प्लेट)
Introduced by Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH)
Handled byTransport Department, Government of Chhattisgarh
Mode of booking HSRP numberOnline
Booking StatusOnline booking -inactive
Offline booking- active
Offline bookingOffline Booking is in local RTO’s, Authorized Dealers
VehiclesVehicle sold before April 2019
Colour coded sticker charges Rs. 100
The Colour code depends onVehicles Fuel type

Unraveling Chhattisgarh HSRP

The pictorial image of HSRL License plate and unraveling its components.

  • The First two alphabets i.e. CG for Chhattisgarh indicates the region from where the vehicle is registered in License plate.
  • The Second portion i.e. the next two digits indicates the district of the state from where the vehicle is brought and registered in.
  • The third portion is a unique code that is different for every vehicle.
  • The other parts are IND (International Registration Code of India ), Hot-stamped chromium-based Ashoka Chakra Symbol, and Unique laser etched 10 digit VIN number.

CG HSRP Benefits

Moreover, HSRP bears a good amount of benefits for not only the citizen but also for the authorities. Some of the benefits individuals enjoy under this are :

  • Furthermore, in case of stolen vehicles, thieves changes vehicle number plate. Because of this issue, the stolen vehicle is not found by original owners. Keeping this in mind HSRP introduced the number plate with one time use snap lock. These locks are very difficult to replace and thus ensure safety.
  • HSRP’s are verified by the automobile dealers and approved by the state authorities. This stops the plate number from duplication.
  • The best thing with HSRP is that it stores the essential data like chassis number, engine number etc. to be stored in a centralized database.
  • For authority like traffic police, it gets difficult to understand the number plate of cars as it’s written in different stylish fonts. Hence, HSRP decided to use a uniform pattern for the HSRP number plate.
  • HSRP provides a 10 digit VIN number which is a unique number as it is one for one vehicle only which makes it difficult to replicate or temper.
  • Furthermore, with this, we are introduced to Laser Identification Recognition System.
  • In addition, digitalizing the data.
  • Hence, stopping the making of illegal number plates.
  • Lastly, assisting authorities in controlling and tackling road crimes.

HSRP Features

The HSRP is mandatory for all the vehicles of all the states in India for better security purpose. Some of the features which enable that are :

  • HSRP is an aluminium -made number plate with two smart non-reusable fixed locks. It makes it difficult to tamper with after being stolen.
  • The sheet is laminated by reflective sheets.
  • Chromium-based Ashoka Chakra with IND(International registration code for India) is inscribed on the left side of the number plate.
  • The Hot-stamped Ashoka Chakra chrome-based hologram symbolizes the wheel of time and the blue IND acronym symbolizes that it belongs to India.
  • Moreover, the character of the number plate should be stamped with Black foil inscribed with the name “India” ensuring safety.
  • Additionally on the bottom left of the number plate is instilled with a 10 digit laser-branded Unique Permanent Identification Number(PIN) for the security from tampering of vehicle.
  • This laser inscribing of the Number plate makes it easy for scanning but difficult to tampering.
  • The License plate is inscribed with two smart locks which are non-reusable, it’s highly difficult to open them.
  • Once opened or broken the whole plate has to be replaced by getting a new HSRP number plate.
  • HSRP is a must for new and old vehicles in India else the registration of the vehicle will be considered incomplete.
  • HSRP have security features added to it which protects against the shaming of the license plate.
  • HSRP is an advanced number plate, ensuring to bring security to the vehicle owners and to the authorities.

HSRP Size and Colour as per CMVR’ 1989

HSRP is introduced in different colour format in all states such as Chhattisgarh HSRP in accordance to vehicle and the category it lays in.

The background colour of PlateCategory of vehicle
White PlateFor Non-Transport Vehicle
Yellow PlateFor Transport Vehicle
Green PlateFor Electric Vehicle
Black plateFor Transport vehicle under rent a cab
Vehicle TypesCharacters colour in PlateThe background colour of the plate
Non-commercial vehicle
Commercial vehicle
e.g Taxi, trucks etc
Black Yellow
Self Driven /
Rental vehicles
Electric vehicle registrationWhiteGreen
Temporary Registration/
for new vehicle
Diplomat /
Embassy vehicle
Military vehicle White with Arrow in between charactersOlive

HSRP: Color coded Third Registration Plate 1989

The HSRP colour-coded third registration plate is your hologram sticker which is placed at the windshield of the car at the top left corner. A color coded sticker tells about the type of fuel and its BS (Bharat stage). The green strip in this sticker indicates whether the vehicle is BS6 compliant or not. BS is basically tells the amount of emission coming out of the combustion of engines.

Bharat Stage of vehicleVehicles on Petrol/CngVehicles on DieselOther Vehicles
BS sticker colour

for BS III and IV
Light Blue colorOrange colorGrey color
BS sticker colour
for BS-VI
Light Blue color

with green strip
Orange color

with green strip
Grey color

with green strip

Details Required to Obtain CG HSRP

The documents are not to be uploaded to the official website as it is not required.

Details from RC which are required during booking HSRP are:

  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle.
  • Registration Number of the vehicle.
  • Registration Date of the vehicle.
  • Chassis Number of the vehicle.
  • Engine Number of the vehicle.

How to get HSRP of Vehicle in Chhattisgarh?

The HSRP of the vehicle is mandatory under CMVR 1989 Rule 50 by the government of India. There is two processes by which you can get your HSRP fixed:

1- For NEW Vehicles (Vehicles after April 2019)- The government has made it compulsory for dealers to provide the buyer with the HSRP number plate along with the vehcile. No additional charge can be taken by the dealers in name of HSRP. Therefore, the new vehicles are already installed with HSRP plate.

2- For Old Vehicle

  • Authority of State specifically Appointed for HSRP services
    The HSRP number can be booked by personally filing for it at the concerned states appointed authority and can receive in accordance with state services. There are no additional documents needed other than RC information like RC number etc. Both way delivery is possible either can directly go to authorities or can be delivered it at home.
  • Private Automobile Dealers
    The dealer from where the vehicle is brought is also a place from where HSRP can be booked, its the dealer’s responsibility to provide you with HSRP Number plate . The dealer ensures the booking and delivery of HSRP plate to its buyers.
  • Regional RTO’s (Regional Transport Office)
    The citizen of the concerned state can visit the nearest RTO office and can book HSRP for their vehicles as per instructions of RTO. List of RTO’s in Chhattisgarh are-
CG07DurgCG022Baloda Bazar

Online Portal of the state: If the authority has introduced online booking of HSRP license plate it is likely to be introduced by the Transport Department of Chhattisgarh. Currently, this service is not made available by the Government of Chhattisgarh so for online booking citizen would have to wait for notification from the authority.

How to Track Your CG HSRP Number Plate?

In order to check how to track your number plate look through the following steps:

  • Firstly, visit the website main transport department website of Chhattisgarh.
  • Then from the menu option, click on Track you Order.
  • On clicking, the option a dialogue box will appear.
  • Fill in the details required to be filled in the dialogue box :
    -Order Number
    -VehicleReg Number
    -Input Captcha
  • Now, click on the search option.
  • Hence, information will either appear on the screen or after verification of your request it will be sent to your email.

Additional Services

The portal provides various additional services in respect to HSRP number plate. More services are-

  • Reschedule appointment
  • Cancel order
  • Receipt related query
  • Check home delivery
  • Grievance Redressal

Important Links

Chhattisgarh Transport departmentClick here
Chhattisgarh state portalClick here


How to apply for Chhattisgarh HSRP Number Plate?

The citizen of Chhattisgarh can either go to a private automobile authority or to regional RTO’s. The citizen who wishes to book online needs to wait as Chhattisgarh HSRP online booking is not available yet.

What is difference between normal number plates and HSRP number plates?

The normal plates were not standardized all over India whereas HSRP are standardized plates. They are unique, only issued by government of India after verification.

Which vehicles should file for Chhattisgarh HSRP?

The government of India has made it mandatory for all vehicles sold before April 2020 to have HSRP numbers. The dealers are proclaimed to ensure that new vehicles should already be installed with HSRP numbers. Chhattisgarh HSRP soon will start online booking.

What is third registration plate?

The color coded third registration plate is the sticker ensured to be installed on the windshield of your car. It states fuel type of the vehicle. Its a must have hologram sticker for the vehicle.

Does one require any documents while going for the installation of Chhattisgarh HSRP?

Yes, during installation owner needs to have :
– RC of the vehicle
-Payment confirmation receipt

Where can we get the information about Chhattisgarh HSRP online booking process of HSRP?

The interested applicants can check on the official website of the Department of Transport of Chhattisgarh HRSP. The HSRP installation is carried out state-wise.

Why HSRP was made mandatory in the states?

HSRP was made mandatory in order to prevent theft and tampering of the number plate in addition to prevent them from being misused for criminal deeds.

About US is web portal, which shares information and updates related to HSRP. As it is mandatory for the vehicle owner to have an HSRP plate, we are providing each and every detail regarding it. You can read about us section to know more.

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