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AP HSRP Number Plate For Old Vehicles: As the Central government has made mandatory to have HSRP affixed on all the old vehicles, people in each state and UT are approaching transport department or respective places to get one. Andhra Pradesh Citizens who have not get their HSRP yet are also wondering how they can get Andhra Pradesh HSRP Number Plate for their vehicles.

The order for use of HSRP in all the motorised vehicles was rolled out back in 2001 by the Central Govt but was implemented seriously only a few years ago. Now, the government has fixed deadlines and all the citizens have to follow the rule to avoid penalties. Andhra Pradesh Government implemented HSRP scheme by the name of “New High Security Registration Plate scheme (NHSRP)” in the state in 2013.

Andhra Pradesh HSRP Number Plate    

HSRP is simply an aluminium having a chromium-based hologram and a PIN (Permanent Identification No.) which is laser branded and cannot be copied. It is compulsory or all the motorised vehicles that has been sold before April 2019 to have a HSRP plate affixed. HSRP comprised of three components which include two number plates (Front and rear) and a colored-sticker also called Third registration plate. For vehicles having a wind screen, a color coded screen is also required.

The contract for implementation of HSRP in Andhra Pradesh was given to M/S Link Autotech Pvt by the APSRTC on behalf of the State Transport department on 8th February 2013. This company is responsible for producing, of HSRP in old vehicles across the state for a period of 10 years (i.e. from 2013 to 2023).

In this article, we have shared all possible information about AP HSRP Number Plate. This article will help AP citizens to get answers to their questions related to Hsrp like what is hsrp, its benefits, how to apply for hsrp, HSRP price, seller etc. So, they can scroll down to get all the details.

Andhra Pradesh HSRP Number Plate

Andhra Pradesh HSRP: An Overview

Title  Andhra Pradesh HSRP Number Plate
StateAndhra Pradesh
Implemented byM/s. Link Autotech Pvt. Ltd
Implemented in AP2013
Concerned DepartmentTransport Department, Govt. of AP
Ministry concernedMoRTH, GoI
Mode of applicationOnline/Offline
Application datesActive
Official portalhsrpap.com

Features of AP HSRP Number Plate

Check out the key features of AP HSRP given as under-

  • High Security Registration Plate has three components viz.- Front Number plate, Rear Number plate and a Third Registration plate/ Color sticker (for vehicles having wind screens).
  • HSRP plate is a solid number plate made up of 1.0 aluminium complying with ISO 7591 or 1745/DIN 1783. Corners and edges of the plate are rounded up to an extent of 10mm (approx.) to avoid injuries.
  • Borders of HSRP Plates are embossed. HSR plate is temper proof and have reflective properties.
  •  HSRP plate comes with a hot-stamped film for security purpose. It includes numbers/ letter embossed by hot-stamping. Also, it has a reflective sheet which is of imperishable nature and comes with a guarantee of minimum 5 years.
  • Retro Reflective Sheet- RSS is provided for enhancing visibility during night time. With this Reflective sheet the visibility of HSRP During night is enhanced up to 200 meters.    
  • “IND” a blue coloured letter on the extreme left side of the plate is an integral part of HSRP. It indicates National Identity & Standardisation.  
  • Laser Code/ Number: Under “IND” HSRP has a laser code which is basically a minimum seven-digit alpha numeric permanent identification code. It is linked with the details of the vehicle.   
  • Snap Locks- HSRP has a recognised system of snap lock fitting. Once fastened, this globally acclaimed snap lock system cannot be removed or reused.
  • Third Sticker/ Third Registration Plate- This colour coded sticker is one of the components of HSRP. It is mandatory or vehicles with wind screen. These are chromium-based stickers with hologram which are affixed on the top left of vehicle’s windshield. Each sticker indicates details such as registration number, name of the registering authority etc. These stickers are colour coded in order to identity vehicles on the basis of their BS (Bharat Stage) variant and Fuel Type.
  • There is no involvement of any agent (other than contractor) in HSRP implementation process in AP state.
  • HSRP plates in Andhra Pradesh are supplied to the vehicle owners by the company approved by the state government for this purpose. The name of the company is Link Autotech Pvt. Ltd.
  • HSRP size depends on the category of the vehicles. Check details below-
Type of VehiclePlate Size
Two and Three Wheelers200 x 100 mm & 285 x 45 mm
Light Motor Vehicles Passenger cars340 x 200 mm and 500 x 120 mm
Medium Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicles and Trailer combination340 x 200mm

Advantages of HSRP

HSRP is very useful as it provides various benefits to the users. Check various advantages of HSRP listed below-

  • HSRP Implementation across the country facilitates uniformity (in terms of shapes and sizes of plates) in showcasing of registration number on the vehicles.  
  • HSRP is a legible number plate which is easily visible. This help agency responsible for enforcement of law and order to catch vehicle moving with forged number plates.
  •  HSRP helps in reducing crimes related to vehicles and transport such as theft, tempering of number plate, forging of vehicle no. plate, use of fake or duplicate no. plate etc.
  • With HSRP, vehicle owners feel safe as it reduces cases of bribery and vehicle theft.
  • HSRP is not only beneficial for common man but also for police and other law enforcing agency and government.  In case of hit & run, police and easily trace and find owner of the vehicle with the help of HSRP.
  • This will help curbing issues related to the use of vehicles for various anti-social and criminal activities.
  • With HSRP all details of vehicle and owner can be gathered. This information is helpful in preparing a National Register of the Vehicles Population on a real time basis. The information collected on the basis of ownership can be used to create an MIS (Mgmt Information System).  
  • With HSRP it becomes easy to collect data of vehicle registration and this data helps in effective traffic management by the concerned authorities.
  • The data of vehicle registration collected via HSRP helps in checking genuineness of ownership of the vehicle which ultimately accelerate criminal investigations.
  • Implementation of HSRP facilitates in regulation of transfer of ownership of the vehicle. This helps in reduction of illegal sale of vehicle.
  • HSRP is also beneficial in increasing the revenue of the state as it facilitates preventing tax evasions.

How to Apply for AP HSRP?

Application for HSRP in Andhra Pradesh state can be made through the online portal of authorized company i.e., Link Autotech Pvt. Ltd. Check the application process shared as under-

  • Customer have to visit the official portal of AP HSRP.
  • Click on the HSRP application link.
  • Fill the details asked like vehicle registration certificate number and other details.
  • Proceed further by furnishing all the details correctly.
  • Make payment of the booking fee.
  • Download the fee payment receipt and confirmation slip.
  • Keep the application number and fee payment receipt safe for further references.
  • Visit the fixation center on the scheduled date get HSRP affixed on your vehicle.

Check AP HSRP Status

After submitting application for booking of HSRP in Andhra Pradesh, applicants can also track status of the application. Using HSRP portal they can know the status of their HSRP application. Users who have applied for AP HSRP can follow the given instructions to track the application status online-

  • Visit the official portal of AP HSRP. Link is mentioned below.
  • Enter Vehicle No. in the space provided and click on the “Search” button.
  • Application status for HSRP will display.
  • Check HSRP status details and download the same for further references.


Vehicles/PlatesUnitRate in Rs (Tax included)
Two wheelersSetRs.245/-
Three Wheelers including TRPSetRs.282/-
LMVs/Cars including TRPSetRs.619/-  
MMVs/HMVs/ Trailers including TRPSetRs.649/-
285X45 mmPieceRs.107/-
200X100 mmPieceRs.115/-
500X100 mmPieceR.283/-
340X200 mmPieceRs.299/-
Third Registration Plate StickersPieceRs.29/-
Set of Snap LocksPairRs.23/-

 Note: Taxes include VAT @ 14.5% and Excise Duty (ED) @ 12.36%

AP HSRP Cancellation and Refund Policy

AP HSRP provide refund and have order cancellation policy. Just have a look at the cancellation policy, return policy and refund policy of AP HSRP explained in detail in this section-

Cancellation Policy-

In case a customer wish to cancel his/her order, they can do so as AP HSRP provides them an easy cancellation process. An order can be cancelled within 12 hours of the placement of the order or before the order has been sent for embossing. Refund of entire amount will be initiated only for orders for which cancellation request is made within the prescribed timeframe. After 12 hours no refund will be provided to the customers.

How to Cancel AP HSRP Order?

Cancellation of HSRP order in AP state can be done by using two methods-

  • Call- Users can all on the support number provided by AP HSRP. The numbers are-

  • Email- Customers can also cancel orders by using emails. They must ensure that they cancel complete orders. Request for partial order cancellation will not be accepted. To cancel hsrp order customers have to email at-

Return Policy  

AP HSRP also provide return option in case product is damaged or wrong sized gets delivered. In this case, refund will be provided to the customers. Return and replacement of HSRP is done free of cost. No charges are applied or deducted from the refund amount in case of return or replacement.

To submit request for return, users have to call the support numbers i.e. 040-69999712/040-69999773/040-69999713/040-69999772. They can also email at online@hsrpap.com. It is compulsory for customers to share details of order for return. These details order number and reason for return.

Refund Policy  

Refund is initiated in case a request for return has been filed or customer has cancelled the order within the specified time limit. Refund is initiated within two business days from the date of receiving refund request. Refund is credited to the account of the customer through the same payment mode by which order payment was made.

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Contact Details

In case of any query related to Andhra Pradesh HSRP number plate, one can contact at the details given here-

Link Autotech Pvt. Ltd.
C-61, Maya Puri, Industrial Area Phase – II, Maya Puri
New Delhi 110064 INDIA
Contact No.- 8099579275, 9100026691, 9100026696, 7306698827

In case of any query regarding AP HSRP, readers should feel free to contact us. They can share their queries in the comment section below. Our team would love to solve your queries.


Who implemented new HSRP scheme in the Andhra Pradesh?

New HSRP scheme in Andhra Pradesh state was implemented by Autotech Pvt. Ltd a private company approved by the state government.

When was HSRP scheme implemented in Andhra State?

HSRP scheme was implemented in the year 2013 in the state. Although the HSRP system was initiated by the Central Government across India back in 2001.

How can be we apply for AP High Security Registration Plate?

AP Citizens can apply only through the online portal for HSRP in Andhra Pradesh.

What are the details required for HSRP Booking and affixation of HSRP?

You are required to provide registration certificate of the vehicle (RC) and the payment confirmation receipt on the day of affixation.

Is it compulsory to affix HSRP in motor vehicles?

Yes, as per rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR), 1989, it is mandatory for all the motorist to have a High Security Registration plate affixed on their vehicles.

What is the location of fixation of HSRP?

Location of fixation of HSRP can be selected at the time of application. It is generally the venue of the registering authority or the dealer’s place.

What are the charges applicable for fixation of HSR Plate?

The details of charges including tax is given in the article above. You can refer that.

I have received wrong size of HSRP, what should I do?

In this case you can request for return or replacement of your order. Your money will be refunded to you after verification of the request.

How can I cancel my order for AP HSRP?

If you wish to cancel your HSRP order you must cancel it within 12 hours of the order other no request for cancellation will be accepted. In case cancellation request is accepted but no refund will be initiated.

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