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What is HSRP?

The term HSRP stands for “High Security Registration Plate”. This plate was uniquely designed and loaded with many features.

If we talk about the material then such plates are made up of Aluminium. Also, this plate comes with a chrome-based Ashoka Chakra hologram which is the hallmark of the authenticity of HSRP.

The PIN (Permanent Identification number) number engraved in HSRP can’t be copied or tampered with. It also holds a 9 digit alphanumeric laser number on the extreme left which contains all the important details of your vehicle and can be used to identify the owner of the vehicle in case of theft.

It is also equipped with RRS (Retro Reflective Sheet) which enhanced the visibility of the number plate during the night upto 200 meters so that it can be easily readable.

Such HSRPs cannot be affixed with any locks, so a globally acclaimed and recognized snap lock is used for its affixation and the important feature of this lock is once it was it was fastened then it cannot be removed or reused.

HSRP Specification

Your HSRP comes with some interesting specification which you all need to know and the details for the same will be collected from this section: –


Chromium Based Hologram

You must have found hologram in many daily needs products which were used chiefly as a security feature of that product and when it comes to security then such HSRP is not too far away because it was also affixed with a hologram by hot stamped and the good thing about this, it can easily bear an extremely high temperature which was impossible to remove or tampered. This HSRP hologram bears an image of chakra which is of blue colour which further strengthens its security feature.

Retro Reflective Sheet

Such sheets are highly versatile and used in such products whose visibility is required to be increased especially during the night time and such HSRP also comes with a high-grade RRS which enhance the visibility of such plate from a distance of over 200 meters.

Hot Stamped Film comprise of security Inscript

The Registration number appears on HSRP are hot stamped using a unique hot stamp foil which inscribed India in blue colour. The ink used for its inscription is of pearlescent pigments and it changes its colour on viewing from a different angle and such feature is hard to copy for fake manufacturers.

Laser-etched Alpha Numeric Code

Every single HSRP consists of a unique 9 digits alphanumeric code which was etched on the bottom left of HSRP. This code is different for each plate and it was used for linking the important details of the vehicle owner on a centralized database. It will be a handy feature when traffic police were equipped with LID readers which will read the data instantly to identify the owner details.

Third License Plate Sticker (TLP)

Apart from the front and rear number plate, HSRP also consists of TLP (third license plate or sticker). Such stickers are to be affixed on the top left corner of the vehicle windshield. This TLP consists of details like the registration number of the vehicle, registering authority. These stickers come with different colour schemes to identify the vehicle type.

Snap Lock

Such locks are used in fastening the HSRP on customer vehicles and keeping safety in mind it was designed like this, if we fastened it once then it can be teardown or reused. And as per the MV act, such locks are restricted to the rear part of vehicle.  

Is HSRP mandatory?

Recently the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has amended rule 50 of CMV (central Motor vehicle) rule 1989 and HSRP order of 2001 so that they can improve the coverage of HSRP in all vehicle across the nation as a result vehicle which was sold before April 2019 whether it was two-wheeler or four-wheeler must be affixed with HSRP. So because of this, it is mandatory for all vehicle owners to affix such plates in their vehicles.

Such HSRP (High-security registration plate) will be provided by the OEM of vehicles for new vehicles and also they will be authorized to affix such plates in an old vehicle too.

Now, most of the owners didn’t know about HSRP and keen to know about it. So through this article, they will receive all the information related to HSRP and how HSRP registration is done online.


HSRP Apply Online Registration

As you all know that all new vehicle sold comes with pre-fitted with HSRP but now the government has issued a nod that vehicles which are registered before April 19 should be equipped with HSRP (mandatory now) and if anyone fails to do so, then they are liable for prosecution under the Motor vehicle Act, in which they must be penalized with a fine ranging from 5K to 10K. So through this section, we will let you know how one can apply for their HSRP online.

Right now this online facility is not available for all states so you need to check whether your state is providing such a service online or not (details about states is available in the next section)


What are the benefits of Ordering HSRP online?

The foremost benefit is that you can easily register your HSRP hassle-free staying at home and…

The second one is that you may opt the facility of the home fitment in which you do not need to go anywhere because it will be affixed at your doorstep.

HSRP Online booking process

If your vehicle registered in Delhi or Uttar Pradesh then you need to follow the process given below:

Step 1: Visit the official portal

  • First of all, you need to visit the SIAM official website
  • Now on the home page of the website you may easily find the Order HSRP (as point out in the image given below)
  • And once you select the same a new page will appear to you consist of a registration form

Step 2: Fill HSRP Registration Form

In this, you need to submit some of your details which are given as: –

  • Full name of the vehicle owner*
  • Vehicle registration number (as mentioned in your RC)
  • Email ID*
  • Mobile number*
  • Select state from the list followed by*
  • District*
  • By checking the radio button you acknowledge that you have understood SIAMs T&C.
  • And submit the registration form.

Note: Fields marked with * asterisk are mandatory to fill

Step 3: Select type of vehicle and its Brand

  • After this, a new window will open to you where you need to select your vehicle type and name of the manufacturer from the list available.

After selecting the vehicle manufacture a new website will open where you need to select order HSRP

  • Now on the next window, you need to select the option order new HSRP.
  • Next, a message will pop out that the home fitment and delivery timing of the number plate will vary due to COVID.
  • Press the OK tab and now it’s time to fill the HSRP Application form in which you need to submit details as mentioned below:
    • Now select the vehicle maker from the list
    • Opt State
    • Enter registration number
    • Engine number
    • Enter Chassis number and press the continue tab

Step 3: Personal Details

  • In this, you need to provide your details and the details are given as: –
    • City Name
    • Pin code
    • Address
    • First name
    • Middle name
    • Last name
    • Mobile number
    • Email Id
    • Vehicle Details
    • Vehicle Model name
    • Select plate size
    • Type of vehicle (commercial or private)
    • Select class of vehicle
    • Now at last you need to upload the certificate of registration

Step 4: Select Installation type & appointment

  • On pressing next it may ask you whether you would like to install the number plate at your home or dealer.
  • If you opt for a dealership fitment then choose the dealership name from the dropdown list.
  • After this, select the appointment date.
  • If the slot was not available on the selected day then you need to opt for the new date from the list or dealer.
  • Now you need to select the appointment time as suitable to you from the list.
  • Press the next tab and the order summary will appear on your screen mentioning all the important details you have submitted in the application form.
  • Now press the tick ☑ mark at the end of the page and proceed to the HSRP payment.

Step 6: HSRP Payment window

  • You can pay your HSRP fee digitally from the available option

Once your payment for HSRP is submitted successfully, then a message will reflect on your screen mentioning the success of the order which also contains order ID and tracking number and details of the dealer, date, and time


How to check HSRP Status?

Once you ordered your HSRP number plate, then you can also track your HSRP order from the official portal and for this, you need to follow some simple steps that are given below: –

  • Visit the official website first of your state.
  • And press the track your order from the home page
  • To HSRP track, submit some details as given below: –
    • Order No
    • Vehicle Reg. No
    • Captcha Code
    • OR Track ID Number
  • After submitting such details your HSRP status will appear to you.

Rescheduled HSRP Appointment

If you are not satisfied with the appointment date or time then it can be re-scheduled easily and it can be done easily from the official portal whose steps are furnished below: –

  • Log on to the official portal
  • Now from the menu select the rescheduled appointment
  • Thereafter you need to enter your details such as Order No> Vehicle No.>Captcha Code
  • Press the search tab once submit all such details correctly.
  • Now you need to confirm the new date which is suitable to you from the dates available.
  • Slots availability colour code is mentioned on the dates
  • Select time slot available
  • Press the confirm tab and proceed.
  • The next window will show you the previous appointment date and time and the new appointment date and time you have selected.
  • On submitting, a message will appear that your HSRP order has been rescheduled successfully
  • For reference purpose, you can take the printout of the receipt.

Note: It is to be noted that the new appointment will be processed only after the verification of data and once it was verified the details for the same will be sent via email or text.

If you face any technical issue or have a query then you may contact the authority at 18001200201 or shoot your email to online@bookmyhsrp.com

How to Cancel HSRP Order?

Now the HSRP order can be easily canceled and for that applicants need to follow the instruction served below: –

  • Select the order cancel at bookmyhsrp portal or at your respective state portal.
  • And submit your HSRP order details in it
  • On submitting the same the details of your HSRP will appear to you.
  • If the details are true then you can press the confirm tab 
  • A Pop-Up window will let you know that your HSRP order has been canceled

How to reprint HSRP Receipt?

The HSRP receipt can be reprinted by following the steps given below: –

  • On the official portal of bookmyhsrp, you need to select the Reprint receipt Tab
  • In order to complete the process, you need to enter your order number and captcha code.
  • Once you submit it the order receipt will appear on your screen which can be easily downloaded or print.

Documents required for HSRP affixation?

During the affixation of HSRP you need to keep some documents which are given as: –

  • Payment receipt of HSRP order
  • Registration Certificate of your vehicle.

How to check HSRP Delivery Pincode online?

The facility of issuing HSRP at your doorstep is limited to some pin code, so if you are looking to order your HSRP plate at your home then do check its availability online by following the steps given below: –

  • Visit the official website of your respective state.
  • Now click on the “Check for Home Delivery” link on the home page
  • Select the state from the option available
  • The latest list of pin codes that are available for home delivery will appear to you.
  • In this, you need to check whether your PIN code is available or not.
  • Right now 163 pin codes in Uttar Pradesh and 517 pin codes in Delhi are available for Home Delivery of HSRP.

What is HSRP Sticker?

Most of the people are still not aware of the third registration plate or Coloured sticker which are also mandatory for vehicles but only for those having wind-screen (not for two-wheeler)

The HSRP comprise of mainly three components which are: –

  • Front number plate
  • Rear number plate
  • And the third registration plate or colored sticker

Like HSRP is mandatory for all vehicles this third registration plate is also mandatory for the vehicle having a windshield.


What is the main motto of the third registration plate or color-coded stickers?

The main motive of HSRP color-coded stickers whether in Delhi or other states is to identify fuel type of vehicle and Bharat Stage variant (BS III or BS-IV or BS-VI)

HSRP Sticker colour code

There are three types of sticker colour namely: –

  • Light Blue
  • Orange and
  • Grey

How to identify fuel type in HSRP colour coded sticker?

  • Light Blue colour coded sticker: this sticker is for those whose fuel type is Petrol or CNG vehicles
  • Orange Colour coded sticker: Such sticker is for those whose fuel type is diesel
  • Grey colour coded sticker: and this one is for all other types of vehicles.

HSRP Number Plate and its Key Features

Have a look at some key feature of the HSRP number plate: –

  • Such plate is made up of a solid unit of aluminum which is…
  • Laminated with a reflective sheet and comprise of inbuilt IND
  • It also holds chromium-based chakra which was applied by hot stamping
  • It also has a ten-digit PIN which was laser engraved.
  • The character of the number plate has been hot stamped with the help of black film bearing India inscription
  • It also possess a third registration plate which is also known as a colour coded sticker that must be pasted on the windscreen of the vehicle.
  • Such plate’s affixation was done by non-removable and non-reusable snap locks.

Benefits of HSRP

  • Such plates will help in vehicle theft curb and data will be verified and validate to know whether the vehicle indulges in crime since the HSRP issued to that vehicle or not.
  • After the regulation of such plates, illegal number plates wouldn’t be sold in the country
  • It will also help the law enforcement authority while tackling road-related crimes.
  • It may also help in the digitization of data for all vehicle via a uniform central body which is (NIC)

HSRP Color Coded

HSRP comes with three colour scheme which resembles your vehicle identity. If you want to know the identity of your vehicle then read the details shared here: –

White HSRP: Vehicle whose HSRP are of white background are affixed on Non-Transport Vehicle

Yellow HSRP: And the HSRP having yellow background are for Transport vehicle

Green HSRP: Whereas HSRP having green background then such vehicles are electric.


Size of HSRP Plates

HSRP size of different categories is prescribed as follows: –

  • Two Wheeler & Three-wheeler: 200×100 MM and 285×45 MM
  • LMV Passenger cars: 340×200 MM and 500×120 MM
  • Commercial/ HMV/ Trailer: 340×200 MM

How many states offering HSRP services online?

As of now, only a few states are providing online services for HSRP, and for it, they have a dedicated portal so that owner can easily book their HSRP. Such portal has been authorized by the Govt. whereas if we talk about other states they didn’t announce any portal for the same so if you are from such states who are not providing online platform then you need to contact either your dealer or state transport department. It is to be understood that not all dealers have been authorized for such a procedure.

Below we have given the list of states which are offering such services online and their links.

DelhiGet here
Uttar PradeshGet here
GujaratGet here
Andhra PradeshGet here
AssamGet here
HaryanaGet here
Himachal PradeshGet here
PunjabGet here
Bihar Get here
TelanganaGet Here
UttarakhandGet here

HSRP Registration Fee

The cost of HSRP (High Security Registration Plate) may vary from state to state because the central government has not capped its price yet. Also, the cost depends on the type of vehicle you own.

But on average the HSRP will cost around 400 for a two-wheeler and 1100 for a four-wheeler.

HSRP Refund and Cancellation Policy

HSRP refund will be applicable in such cases if you receive a damaged product or incorrect size of HSRP and return and replacement will be done free of cost or if in case you cancel your order then refund will be applicable but you need to cancel your order within 24 hours before the initiation of HSRP.

  • The refund process depends on the mode of payment and transacted bank.
  • If payment was done through UPI then it will be credited within 3 to 4 working days
  • Whereas if it was done through the private bank then it could take 4 to 5 working days and for nationalize bank, it will take around 7 to 8 working days.

How HSRP return process intimated?

If you received the wrong size/product or damaged product then you may either call the support center or also send them an Email.

HSRP Support Number: 1800 1200 201

Email: online@bookmyhsrp.com

Note: Do not forget to mention your order details and reason for return while sending an email to the support team

HSRP Cancellation Policy

HSRP cancellation policy is available for all esteemed customers which they can cancel online within 24 Hrs of ordering. It is to be noted that partial cancellation is not applicable and once you cancel your order successfully then your refund will be done within 6 to 8 working days.

Super tag bough with HSRP cannot be canceled. For more details about a super tag, you may contact the support team @ support@MyParklpus.com

Know Customer care details for Delhi and UP HSRP

If you own a vehicle and reside in Uttar Pradesh or Delhi then you may easily check the customer care details from the portal whose details is given as: –

  • Visit SIAM website
  • Click on the Book HSRP
  • Now select know your customer care tab
  • On the new page first, select your state and then district.
  • After this, you need to click on the maker of your vehicle from the available list.
  • and the details of customer care appears to you.

HSRP Enquiry

If you want to know more about HSPR and have any query which is not clear to you then you may connect directly to the support staff whose details are given in the image below.


How to book HSRP online?

HSRP can be booked online by visiting the official website of your respective state but right now not all states are providing this service. At official portal, you need to submit your vehicle and your personal details, and Registration certificate documents. During the form submission, you may opt for whether the fitment of HSRP is to be done at your residence or at a nearby dealership. The date and time of the HSRP fitment can be select by the customer at your convenience.

Do I need to pay any registration fee for the HSRP?

Yes, once you fill the registration form then you need to pay the registration fee for HSRP whose fee may vary as per the state and your vehicle type.

Is it mandatory for all vehicle owner to affix HSRP?

Yes, as per the new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Road transport whether your vehicle is old or new everyone needs to affix such plates on their vehicle.

Is HSRP mandatory in Delhi?

Not only Delhi it was mandatory for all States and UTs. Whereas Delhi Govt. has issued the deadline for the same and anyone found violating such rules will be fined.

How to get HSRP in Delhi?

If you are from Delhi and owns a two-wheeler or four-wheeler then you can easily book your HSRP from the official portal of bookmyhsrp.

Is there any other portal where I can book my HSRP?

Yes, you can also book your HSRP at siam official portal.

Do I need to upload any documents for HSRP booking?

Yes, all user need to upload their Vehicle Registration Certificate.

What is Third Registration plate Sticker?

The third registration plate sticker is a colour coded sticker that may help in identifying the vehicle type and its BS norms. It was available in three different colour schemes.

How to identify colour coded sticker for my vehicle?

The colour sticker can be easily identified from the details shared below: –
BS Vehicle – Fuel Type – Sticker Colour
BS III & IV – Petrol & CNG – Light Blue
BS III & IV – Diesel – Orange
BS III & IV – Other vehicles – Grey
BS-VI – Petrol & CNG – Light Blue with Green Strip at top
BS-VI – Diesel – Orange with Green Strip at top
BS-VI – Petrol & CNG – Grey with Green Strip at top

Where we should affix this colour coded sticker?

The colour coded sticker are to be affixed at the left side of windshield

Is HSRP mandatory for old vehicle?

Yes, as per the rule mandated by the Supreme court every vehicle which was sold before April 2019 must be affixed with HSRP and colour coded sticker.

How HSRP colour coded sticker looks?


It was quite similar to your number plate which you can see in the image given below.

What are the benefit of High Security Registration Plate?

The main benefit of HSRP is that it cannot be tampered easily which may help in reducing theft and crimes. You vehicle details can be easily checked through LID and it enhances the readability of your number plate during night.

Is HSRP booking cancellation is available?

Yes, you can easily cancel your HSRP booking from the official website you have registered from.

Will I Get refund of cancellation?

As per the information available in the portal if you cancel your order within 24 hours then your complete payment will be refunded in the next 6 to 8 working days.

Is it possible to rescheduled my appointment?

Yes, you can easily rescheduled your HSRP appointment by visiting the portal.

How can I Track my HSRP order?

Through the portal, you have ordered your HSRP you can easily track your order which required your track order number or other details.

What are the details available in coloru sticker?

Your colour coded sticker bears some details like: Registering authority name > Vehicle RC number > Laser PIN Number > First Date of vehicle registration.

Do I need to submit any documents for colour stickers?

No, to order colour coded sticker no proof documents are required to submit.

What is the cost of HSRP and for its affixation?

The cost of HSRP varies from state to state and also on the class and type of vehicle you own. Its information will be displayed once you select the fitment location and move towards the payment window.

Is it possible to change the HSRP fitment location?

No, the fitment location once selected cannot be changed thereafter.

What type of documents are required during the HSRP affixation?

During the HSRP affixation you need to carry your payment receipt and RC of the vehicle.

My vehicle brand is not available in the list to order HSRP? What should I do now?

Right now you can order HSRP for those vehicles whose brands name are listed on the website. In case, your vehicle brand is not available on the list then you need to wait or be in touch with your dealer.

Is HSRP comes with any warranty period?

Yes, but it is available for Reflective sheet only and the duration for the same is 5 years but the warranty will be void if washed with harsh abrasive material, accidental damage, mishandled during the fitment, etc.

What is RRS in HSRP and what’s it main feature?

RSS is Retro Reflective sheet whose main job is to increase the visibility of the number plate at night and because of it HSRP is visible upto 200 meters.

About HSRP

As per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the rule mandated by the Honourable Supreme court it was now mandatory to affix HSRP (High Security Registration Plate) whether your vehicle is old or new. Such HSRP comes with many features which we have discussed in this article. And after seeing such orders from the ministry and court some states has issued the deadline for vehicle owner otherwise a hefty fine will be imposed on not following such orders. You can order your HSRP online (but this service is not available in all states) or it can also be ordered from the authorized dealer partner of your vehicle (only if he is authorized by the officials) or from the respective state Regional Transport Office.

To know more in detail you must go through this article to collect all the important and interesting facts bout the HSRP. Follow and share this site with your family and friends to update them about High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) Guidelines.